Forced ******** At A Party - updated with more detail

I was forced into a ********, at a party about 3 months ago. . . . . now i cannot get it out of my head. . . i know i would never agree to do a ******** if asked . . . but i was not asked, they (5 of them) just grabbed me and between them carried me, kicking and screaming up the stairs to a bedroom and despite my struggles and screams I was completely overpowered and one by one the buttons on my blouse were undone and firsrt one arm and then the second arm was removed from my blouse leaving me exposed to their eyes in my bra i was soon ******** naked and pinned down on the bed as they all took turns touching me any way they wanted. You can only struggle, twist and turn for so long before you are worn out.. . . to my horror i realised i was now lying quite still and my nipples were hard from the attention they were receiving from  exploring hands, sending little electric shocks to my *****. I begged them to stop but they just continued tormenting and humiliating me as they played with my hard nipples  My thighs were held wide apart as hands rubbed up and down my vagina and then fingers penetrating my embarassingly wet vagina. Between them they licked and nibbled my nipples while another was busy eating my ***** and my ankles were now held high and wide by his friends for him to have free access to me. He licked me, he penetrated me with his tongue,he snogged my vagina like he might have kissed his lover, exploring her mouth with his tongue, he sucked on me, he opened me wide with his fingers and nibbled and sucked my clitoris making my hips buck and had me audibly panting that i could not not control as i begged him repeatedly to stop. Then the back of his head lifted and looking at me he asked me to choose a number between 1 and 5. I had no idea why, but instictivly I knew the outcome of my answer would not be good but I softly replied 1. . . "wrong" he said the answer is always three and in front of my eyes he bunched up three fingers forming a rough triangle and then moving back down between my stretched wide legs and with one hand opened my lips and then i felt the tips of his three fingers forcing their way into me, I tried to shuffle up the bed away from his fingers but was held firm, hewas stretching the entrance to my ***** wide and making my breathing erratic as he began to penetrate me. To my surprise he removed his fingers and told his friends to put my feet flat on the bed with my knees raised and held wide open, he again took up position between my legs only this time as he penetrated me he went deeper and deeper slowly streching me as he did so and by the time he announced " there you are, three finger buried up to the third knuckle" i was breathing like i was having as astma attack "if you get her wet enough it's like a hot knife through butter" and as if to proove his point he removed his fingers and displayed them all wet and glistening before wiping my nipples with my juices and rolling my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, he knew exactly the effect the he was having on me as he said "that should oil the gate a little more for you"  he said as he rolled both my nipples between his thumb and forefinger, pulling on them in turns and making my clitoris purr with lust.  "please stop" I begged, humiliated at my state of arousal and with a new sense of urgentcy I began to twist, turn, pull and kick as I tried in vain to break free " watch this lads" and he bunched his three finger together again and i knew exactly what he was going to do to me again, how wrong could i be. . . . yes his fingers entered me again but once the tips of his fingers began to stretch me he "stabbed" them into me with  force  "Oh my god" i shouted  and my feet pushed so hard into the bed that my lower half did a "crab" leaving just my head and shoulders and feet in contact with the bed,.   "BASTARD, LET ME GO " i shouted, only to be told "you're not going anywhere luv"  .  .  As my hips returned to the bed he kept his fingers buried deep inside me and lifted his wrist forcing me to raise my pelvis a little off the bed before letting me back down with his other hand started to circle my  concealed clitoris with his fingers, although held firmly by my arms and legs my hips were moving aganst his touch, I tried to keep still, not to show signs of arousal, how could I let myself react this way, but my pelvis kept rocking back and forth, almost in time with my breathing. His fingers now parted the folds that covered my clitoris and he now made direct contact with me as his finger tips passed back and forth across my exposed and swollen clitois, making hips buck and my face contort  and then he spat on me, how could he do that, how disgusting and then he spat again, now he speeded up as the tips of his four fingers made fleeting contact with my clitois using his spit as a lubricant  his fingers "strummed" left to right and back again getting faster and faster and harder and harder and the fingers inside me sarted to move in and out.  .  .  my hips took on a life of their own, I was grunting like a pig and I knew  my face was distorted as my head lolled from side to side.  .  .  "Noooooooooooo  I shouted as the five of them watched in trumph as my forced ****** ripped through me  "Looks like we got ourselves a live one tonight" he said  " to right, she loves it"   "Right lads it's **** time, get your clothes off and lets not keep the little lady waiting" For the next 3 hours they all took turns ******* me most of them twice. . . .some of them came insde me, some came on my face, one guy slapped my face because i would not suck him then said he would punch me if i refused, so they had me on all fours sucking his **** while another guy took me from behind. I felt so humiliated and then he made me swallow it when he came. They soon had me on my back again, two pillows under my bum and another **** pumping into me. . . If they had let me go i would haave got up and ran. . . .but i was so pleased they kept me pinned down.. . . one of the guys liked fingering me and he made me ****** twice, really hard ones where my whole body convulsed, by using three fingers to finger **** me while using his other hand to rub my **** at about 100 miles an hour. I have not told anyone about this, but sex with my boyfriend seems so dull now. I spend most of my time reliving those hours and thinking i would like it to happen again.
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That is as hot as it gets

just re read this and omg :))) wow again lol. So shouldnt be arousing but is :D

Thank you Emma, tell me more ? :)

Five men is my fantasy...

:) tell me more !

I used to spend a week every winter with my female friends. Normally I went to sauna with a group of naked men. It was exciting...

wow, makes my eyes water! :))

Only your eyes ? lol thanks for the wow :)

Nice story; thank you. Our emotions do have a control on us.

Good story Got me stroking

It's funny reading comments from people who think (or suspend disbelief) that this is real. The author confesses

a wonderful story. they treated you so good. im glad you never told anyone. that was a good thing you did. they stained your brain and now you have to live with what they done to you the rest of your life. dreaming of being a hot **** in a gang bang. you want it again again. all you have to do now when your boyfriend ***** you is think of how good it would be if he had to watch you getting raped. think of him tied to a chair wile your being used and abused by them. then ******* inside your sweat *****. all over your face and in your hot mouth. then making him lick your just ****** *****. think of how it would feel his mouth on your just ****** *****. how it would feel to you knowing your man is now eating your raped ***** and how wonderful and naughty it feels. how degrading it would be for you and him.

who's adventure is that

Do you mean don't ! . . Stop ! . . . don't ! . . don't stop lol

Wow, I have to confess, very reluctantly, that this is a fantasy of mine. I'm so wet from reading it, so hot.....more please, no, stop please, oh, don't don't don't stop

So, find another party to go to! ;)

still love this story my me wet all over again

Thank you, anything particular you enjoy about it ?

For some reason when I *** whoever I am with always lets me pull away, when what I really want is to be made to take it. That and of course multiple hands and mouths all over my body would be like heaven

That's interesting, is that because the sensation in your clitoris is so strong it causes you to pull away ?

yes :) because if I *** too hard it becomes overly sensitive and then it almost hurts to be touched but I know there are levels I could hit before that point. I have only been taken all the way to that point one time and although it was very uncomfortable to let him inside me afterwards I couldn't say no. Not that he wasn't a gentleman but just because I felt he more than earned it

I know what you mean, i knew a woman just like that, that i why i asked the question. It only happened when I *********** her or touched her while ******* her. . . She would try to back away, . . Moving up the bed away from me. I just kept after her, that's right, keep coming for me. Just love that, you can scream and fight all you want. . . Just got to see you convulse

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So I'm confused, but sometimes
easily so. Your profile says man but story is obviously of a woman. And the age? Is that so?

Yes i am a man. I sometimes try to write a story as though i was the woman telling her experience of what happened to her based on things i have seen happen. It is extremely arousing to see a woman resist and then later to thrash about and buck her hips as she is made to ******. Do you have an interest in forced ******* ?

Well, I have several versions of fantasy that involve being forced and unwilling and having it work out well in the end. I would not have invested the time in your fiction story had I figured it out, however. I thought this site was about real experiences first hand. Oh well .....

It was based on what i saw happen to a woman in her early twenties many years ago at a party. Other stories written as me are real.

You saw a woman forced at a party by a gang? Was she really forced at first then got into it?

She never got into it but the guys would not stop ************ her and every so often she would ******, you could tell she was trying not to let it happen but she would puff and pant and her hips bucked. They took turns ******* her but she only orgasmed when they *********** her.

How many were there? How long did it last? She couldnt get away?

There were five of them plus a couple of guys who came and went. It started about 11 at night and they were still at her when i left about 2.30. At one point they used a beer bottle to stretch her open and *********** her exposed clitoris. That was amazing to watch.

Wow 5+ guys for 3 hours or more. Did anyone try to stop them, or watchers were enjoying? Why didnt u join?

I was in a bed in the same room with a woman. We both watched.

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Well Satinsilk i wish you were there to, i really needed someone to come to my aid and get those brutes off me

Mmm im glad you secretly liked getting raped used an abused. My **** is hard knowing your a deep down ****. You no you deserved it. Its what you ned over an over. I hope it happens again and again. And hell yes do it put something in his drink. He will be knocked out wile you get treated like aworthless **** dogged and degraded. And I hope your made to say you love it on tape so they can blackmail you into more super **** sessions.

Very exciting story, even though you were raped it sounds like your lovers thought you were very sexy and while they all ****** you they didn't hurt you and actually tried to make you enjoy a long session of passion. Hope you write more, your story is very erotic and I can relate to much of it. Why not describe more about what you look like and how it felt when the did things to you? Pictures of you would be awesome!

You said ud never ask for one. Would u perform if u were in another one?

I could never agree to let a group of men ******** me, i am far too modest but being overpowered and pinned down made me feel helpless and they could do anything to me and i could not stop them.

Did part of u enjoy the helpless feeling and uncontrolled sex? Some women do. So if you found yourself trapped again you wouldnt fight back but just let them do what they want?

Sorry, only just saw your question. I would fight back, partly so maintain my modesty, but mostly to be sure they would keep me pinned down while they used me any way they want.

To the person who thanked me, that was very kind of you and has made my day to. x

Please readers, i would like feedback, i have not been writing to long and it would be good to know where i am going wrong and just maybe if i am getting anything right. Indeed write anything at all about the story, I am writing to hopefully sexually arouse the reader both male and female x

You poor darling, I know how humiliating it is to be used like that as you are held helpless as you are shared around and played with for their amusement.

Luckily I have a loving hubby who seems to know when I need to be encouraged to talk about it as we make love.

Keep strong, love Tina

Oh Tina, you are so lucky to be so supported, does he encourage you to tell him all the details ? And what do you tell him ?

Do you talk to your husband or boyfriend about it? I'm sure he'd want to hear about it.

Tina how many men used you? Did part of you secretly enjoy it at all?

Ah the dark rivers of the heart lead us astray