Boyfriend And Friends

Long time ago I was dating a gorgeous cop, he was Italian American, rude and masculine so handsome, well one day watching the superbowl I gave beer and snacks to all his friends, this time they were just 4, during half time, we were half drunk already he made me take my top off and serv they topless and show all his cop buddies my breasts. He got violent if I didn't comply so I did it. They all laughed and carried on until he made me let them touch my breasts, everytime I pass something to they they would suck my nipples and my boyfriend had a blast! I had 8 hands and 4 mouths all over me. We had a few drinks more and the last thing that I can remember is the feeling of someone pulling my jeans down and fingering me. I am certain that I was given something and that at least some of them had sex with me . Hours later when I woke up, completely naked lying across my bed with dried ***** all over me, my boyfriend made me go to take a shower and when I went back  to the room he had a video of me being ****** by all of them, that was so hot, that we ended having the best sex ever! I think after  that I enjoyed being with more than one.
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Did you enjoy watching the video?

Wow ! i bet you really would of been into it if you were 100 % awake. Do you still enjoy more than 1 at a time now ?

Hot story and would love an add please...

Fabulous - please add me

Group sex can be amazing, but I would have liked your story a bit more if you had consented to the group experience rather than being drugged/drunk. Just think a woman is not something to be used, but if she is willing certainly can be enjoyed when everyone is adult and consensual. The story is hot, however. And being a "boobs" guy your avatar is amazing.

I love the fact that you enjoyed afterward, I was kind of pissed at first, I mean I have had gf's that my friends have run a train on, even though it was a drunken ******** if was with her permission. You are truely a Goddess with a seemingly heavenly body and great ****! I truely envoy your bf (if he still is) i wish my wife was more like you!