Strict Bladder Discipline Imposed By Parents!

Taking clues from the comments of my last story- How i met my 1st girlfriend, i decided to write about my journey from a small bladder toddler to a giant bladder man!

My parents have always been very strict with me in regards to my peeing habits. it all started when i was to attend my 1st day of school- the lower kinder garden! My mom had sternly warned me that i should not go to the toilet no matter what at school or outside. i was allowed to use only the bathroom at home and that too if mom and dad both would allow! Sounds harsh right? but it was fun!

My mom would make sure that i peed, once in the morning while i would get up, once in the after noon after i would comeback from school. once in the evening and once in the night, before going to the bed! easy for us adults but not for a 3 year old kid. however i had inherited large bladders from my parents who could push themselves as far as 42-44 hours and still do! anyways, by the time i would be allowed to go i would have slightly wet underwear that would disgust my parents. but by the time i was 5, i was used to this and now i could easily wait fro 6-7 hours unlike my friends! and i would drink lots of water too!

I started growing and by the time i was 7-8 years old i was made to wait for 12-13 hours and had to survive with only two pees a day! it was very difficult to live with a morning pee and and an evening pee! i would be frantic to pee till the 12 hours would get over but i coped up with that. by the time i was 10 i had survived that too and now i would pee just twice a day! And it continued till 12 years of age and all the time my bladder had grown very large!

but fun began when my parents forced me to wait for an entire day! at first it was once a week, then twice, then thrice and later on i was compelled to control myself for 24 hours no matter what! besides i would not be allowed to use foreign bathrooms! That was absolute torture but slowly and subtly i started to like the feeling of full bladder and started to happily push myself to wait and would knowingly skip my toilet breaks! Many a times i had even reached close to having an accident but i somehow managed to escape!

I turned 14, and now waiting for 24-28 hours had become a child's play! and i realized that holding pee and getting desperate has become an obsession, a fetish. i started to go further and further! i started to go to bed with 24 hours pee sloshing in my bladder, endure a long bus journey with a previous day unrelieved bladder and so on. but it was no easy task since i had to pay the price of bearing excruciating spasms , back aches, muscle cramps, sleeplessness and so on. but i fought with them bravely! My bladder grew rapidly since then and also my duration of holding increased!

When i turned 16. i could manage to keep avoiding bathroom breaks for 36-40 hours albeit with careful amount of fluid intake. i did not stop even then and by 18 when i met my GF i could make myself wait for around 60-62 hours with a measure intake of just 1.8 to 2 liters. but it was painful like hell and now a new problem arose. my muscles would now get cramped when i would push myself too far and they would take around 6-7 hours to open up! that would be the most horrifying time, becoz by then the pains would go unbearable but later when i found that my muscles would eventually open up after 6-7 hours i heaved a sigh of relief and continued my struggle towards attaining a bigger and even stronger bladder! i would often measure my pee and by the time i was 19 i could endure with 1900-2100 ml. and of recent i am trying to increase my capacity to 2600ml having to wait beyond 48 hours!

My parents and sometimes even my GFs would not believe that i could go that far, but they get astonished everytime i do. i had even experienced catheter treatment once when i had clamped off my **** and my balls after 72 hours of holding with extremely controlled drinking! i measured 4.2 liters after bearing the pain for around 87 hours! but that was only once when my muscles got cramped and didn't open up!
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No way I could hold that long. My ex often made me hold 5 to 6 hours with the longest about 12.

Were you bursting?

Dancing and squirming. She would press on my bladder to make it worse and make me stand at attention. If I leaked she'd punish me by spanking my penis, then make me drink another glass of tea adding 30 minutes to my hold time. That's how I ended up with the 12 hour hold.


That is absolutely AWESOME!
You are an extreme bladder master!
Just wish you would let me drink that painful 4.2 litres after 87 hours!
Sounds like a damned good way of filling up my own bladder!
Imagine ... !
Having 4.2L of your kidney water flowing through my OWN kidneys and
into my bladder!
I would gladly bear the pain!

Indeed U will! We all would love to do so!
But that would be hell LOT OF PAIN!


4.2L of urine in your bladder?
You must have been in agony!
You stretched yourself until your bladder had become
totally OVERdistended and your bladder muscle
(= the "detrusor muscle") was stretched to the point where
it had become so TIGHT - that it was no longer able
to contract, so as to dispel your urine.
That's the reason why you needed the catheter drainage!
You had actually distended your bladder to the point where
it had become so overfull that it was physically
no longer able to empty itself!
I am all admiration for you!
I would so love to have a mega-****-holding
contest with you!
Drink and drink plenty and hold until we're both HURTING!
See the pain in each other's eyes?

How about we get together........... drink pints & pints of beer
all night long without a **** until our bladders are BURSTING!
Our lower abs are BULGING and stretched tight and then .......
both of us tie off our ****-shafts real TIGHT so that we CAN'T
take a **** - even when we try to?
Our painful bladders start to back the **** up into our ureters
and we both fee that "tingling" sensation in our lower backs?
Our bladders are in agony and cannot hold anymore.
Our ureters continue to swell with the back-up **** until
it reaches our kidneys.
We both start to feel a dull, throbbing ache in the small
of our backs. Our kidneys are starting to swell with the
back pressure.
We're both in serious PAIN!
Do we continue to HOLD - and risk damaging the nephrons
in our kidneys?
Or, do we both admit defeat to Mother Nature, untie our
***** and do the urination squirt that our bodies have been
begging us to do?
How do we play this?
How much pain can you inflict upon your waterworks?
I'm willing to burst my bladder, if you're willing to
BURST YOURS.........?
I will confess that i have been routinely torturing
myself in this way - ever since I was a teenager!

You're right!
For a man to take a **** ... ?
THAT should be absolutely FORBIDDEN at ALL TIMES!

Oh yes! Totally agreed! Superlike! :-D

Have you been allowed to empty lately?

After that horrible UTI i had a year ago I have acquired the freedom to go whenever i want but I still hold it as long as possible and i still stay away from public restrooms! :-)

you are always optimistic, but you should know that an early age training gives much greater results than in adults.<br />
Bladder walls in adult can stretch less. I think I won't ever get over the 2 liter mark.

Yeah i m optiistic and am very much obsessed with holding pee! and if u keep trying u will definitely hit the 2 liter mark.a ll u need is consistence and patience and of course more an more situations wherein u can't pee even if u have been holding beyond ur limits!

Well, when you say "My mom had sternly warned me that i should not go to the toilet no matter what at school or outside. i was allowed to use only the bathroom at home and that too if mom and dad both would allow" I really find difficult to consider your parents "on average".<br />
They seem rather obsessed by toilet restriction and forcing an 8 years child to live having just 2 breaks a day is not normal. You don't think it was an abuse because you liked it but if you had had a chance to talk about it with a physician I think he'd have been quite alarmed.<br />
The child psychology is mostly shaped by parents, so who could say you liked to hold your pee at first or you started to like it as an answer to your parents requirements?<br />
Anyway I'm a bit envious! You received an incredible input and I'll never be able to reach your levels.

In a way u right! but their warnings did help me hold as they wanted. it would be a problem in the beginning but slowly i would get used to it. and u need not be envious u too can reach these levels in fact any one can, the only thing is that u should not give in to the situation! :-)

I became fullness addicted by myself and find what your parents did a sort of violence.<br />
Well, thinking about how much I love to hold it for ages, I would have been glad to be trained this way when young. My bladder would have been bigger and stronger.<br />
Anyway I would never impose such a discipline to my kids. A proper toilet schedule should be encouraged, just to allow them to manage fullness when toilets are not available, but any punishment and extra long challenges are aout of question.<br />
If they find themself an interest to bladder play it's good. If they develop a fetish to cope with a severe and illogical training imposed by parents it's something unhealthy, much near to psychiatry...

hey, they did excatly what u said, a proper toilet schedule to cope up with fullness. they would not push me if i would say that i was having stabbing pains! no parent in the world would do so.. neither would i do so to my children!

Wow. Simply wow. <br />
<br />
And is she the GF that can compete with you now?

Yes, she is the only one who too has got that iron bladder! she is pretty close to defeat me!