He Made Me

My bf John is so into desperation! One morning I woke up and he said I am going to make you hold your pee until nine pm and then we can have some fun but after four hours you are gonna do challenges every thirty minutes plus drink a pint of water every 30.
7 am I have a mild desperation from just waking up and now I have an hour to drink a galloon of water
8am I have to go like soon and I don't think I am going to make it I was given a pint of coffee
9am I am pretty sure if I move my hands away from my crotch and uncross my legs we will have a wet carpet. I have to drink two pints of juice.
10am I have pains and can't sit still my pee hole is sore from having fingers constantly jammed in it and I feel really aful.
1030am for my first challenge I have to were light colored panties and if I leak I get a punishment. And then put on 6 pantyhose spandex and skinny jeans with a belt for thirty minutes.
11am I have to go sooooo bad my vijay jay lips are quivering and shaking and I finally get to my next challenge. John tells me to come in the bathroom lift the toilet seat and have my panties just on and stay like that for five minutes while he takes a shower.
1105am I leaked like a tiny spurt and now I get a punishment john makes me lay on the couch with my legs apart and my hands up. A rush of pain wAves over me and I burst into tears
1130 I have to drink a galloon for this challenge. My bladder is bursting I can't talk right and I feel terrible. My muscles are beginning to get really sore.
12 the gallon kicked in I feel so bad I can't do anything. John makes me get up and run up and down the stairs in three minutes. My bladder leaked a little so I get a punishment. John takes me into the other room and gives me a brizillian bikini wax. I can barely move
1 he skipped my punishment because I couldent move but made me drink six pints. Now little 4 ounce cup and I can fill it up with pee and then stop. I spurt and as quicklyas I start i stop.
6pm John took me to a water park and made me sit next to a waterfall for five hours and then had to take me out in a wheelchair I am dying.
7pm two hours to go John takes out his penis and peed right in front of me and I cried. I am in so much pain I can't describe it there is a huge lump were my bladder is.
8pm John hAs me lay down on the bed naked he tells me to uncross my legs and spread them Apart I spurt. He then makes me take away my hands another spurt. He leaves he comes back with an ultrasound stick thing and vibrates it across my bladder I almost went but I only have to wait an hour.
815 John humps my bladder area and I cry
9 I waddle to the bathroom but John stops me he picks me up and throws me on the bed. He gets on top of me and I feel like exploding he thrusts his penis into my vagina and I give up. I can't pee! It won't come out I slam John to the ground and waddle over to the computer it says I may have to wait three to four hours for my bladder to open up.
111am I am sitting on a six galloon bucket that has marks John is massaging my bladder ad all of a sudden pee rushes out.

Four galloons
Wwwom Wwwom
36-40, M
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you were saying that u have to wait 5hours in the water park at 6. how come at 9 u were home. LIARS SUCK

No it started at 1 pm then till 6 pm not lying dude

If you keep drinking and never go to the toilet, you will eventually drown, because the liquid would start to fill your tubes going to your bladder, and eventually get reach your chest then choke you and drown you.

incredibly hawt!!

Thank you for sharing that!

Most certainly a fantasy, but a good one!

4 gallons? Hum, fantasy territory. But great fantasy!

Wow great story !