Traffic Jam Desperation

"hold on jazmin", cealia said , as jazmin started to walk right past the bathrooms as they were leaving the movie theatre. "i've really got to pee."
"oh, cealia, you've always got to pee," jazmin complained, "lets just go, we'll get stuck in traffic if we wait much longer", she said, looking at her watch and seeing it was nearly rush hour.
"it'll only take a second," cealia argued, opening the door to the restrooms, then sighing as she saw the long line. there were only 3 stalls in the bathroom, and it looked like one was out of order. resigning herself to just suck it up and wait until she got home, she closed the door to the restrooms and kept walking.

"I really shouldn't have drank that extra large soda,"  cealia said as her and jazmin got into the car. "i'm about to burst already, and we wont be home for at leasst 30 more minutes."
"you'll be okay, ceal," jazmin reassured her, then as she saw cealia squeeze her legs together and press her hand into her crotch, she asked, "you will be able to wait, right?"
"i don't know," cealia answered. "i've got to **** soo bad..."
"well, try not to think about it," jazmin said, hiding her smile, knowing that if cealia found out how much this turned her on she's be freaked out.
"easy for you to say," cealia though to herself, but said nothing. she just crossed her legs harder and sighed as jazmin pulled out of the parking lot.

they'd been driving in silence for about 10 minutes when they came to the traffic jam. "oh god," cealia said, "this better not take long." for the past 10 minutes, she'd been squirming around, trying to find a position that took some of the pressure off her poor, overfilled bladder, but nothing seemed to help. as they slowed down, and stopped for the traffic jam, she raised up and slid her ankle under her, pressing down hard against her peehole. that gave her some relief, but her bladder still felt like it was on fire, the waistband of her jeans cutting into it.
"how ya doing," jazmin asked her, knowing from her shaky breathing and rocking back and forth that she wasn't doing good.
"not too good. if this takes more than five minutes, i don't think i'll be able to make it home." cealia replied, pressing her foot even harder against her peehole as an even stronger urge to pee hit her. "oooohhh," she whimpered, trying so hard not to leak. she didn't want to ruin jazmins car seat, and she knew that a little squirt wouldn't bring any relief, just make her need to **** even worse, if that was possible.
"aw, honey," jazmin soothed, secretly smiling as she felt her panties get a little wet, though not with **** like cealias soon would be. she placed her hand on cealias thigh, right beside her crotch. "is there anything i can do to help you?"
"noo.i don't know what to do. i feel like i'm going to explode." cealia moaned, pressing her hands into her crotch and bending over. "ohh godddddd. i can't hold it much longer."
jazmin took this opportunity to slid her hand closer to cealias crotch, knowing she wouldn't last much longer.
:it's okay baby." jazmin told her. "just don't think about it."
"ohhh godddd jaz, how can i not think about it. i'v gotta **** sooo bad. i...i can't hold it any more."
jzamin slid her hand down between cealias tightly pressed together legs.
"oooh jazmin not now. i really can't hold it." cealia protested, but jazmin just started rubbing, knowing that cealia couldn't hold it.
"just relax's ok." she said, rubbing faster as cealia parted her legs slightly.
jazmin smiled, knowing that if she made cealia ***, she'd never be able to hold her ****.
jazmin reached over her, unbuttoning her pants and unzipping them, before she slid her hand into her panties, slidding it quickly over her ****, faster and faster. "mmmhmmm." cealia moaned, forgetting about her need to pee for a moment.
suddenly, jazmin felt a warm soemthing warm on her hand. "ohhh no.."cealia she lost her first squirt of ****. jazmin looked down and saw the dark circle on cealias crotch spreading. cealia tried to press her legs together, but jazmin wouldn't let her. she rubbed harder and faster, knowing that cealia couldn't stop the flow now. "no" cealia protested, but it didn't do any good. it was already too late, the **** rushing out of bladder, running onto jazmins hand.
as the last drops of **** finally escaped her bladder she came, shuddering as the ****** racked through her body. she collapsed back against the seat, not knowing wether to laugh or cry.

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lesbians?? 0_0 or no?

Super hott!!! <br />
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******* hot

wow sounds like 2 someones had fun

That was a terrific story. Damn that got me hot!

It wasn't my plan..... but i think Im peeing in my jeans now after reading your story...... i uhmmm..

Great story. Wish I would have been in the car.

you are so cute and the fact that you are in to wetting compounds that. i am hopping to find a like minded girl in toronto canada but... no such luck yet