Like The Idea Of The Force In Play

Hi all.

I get off on playing with control and loss of it, whether that be from intense sensations, desires or restraint. I switch and so like both doing and being done to by the right person or people.

There seems to be a lot of watersports stuff on the net about peeing or people playing with pee.

I like the aspect of trying to hold it back and the edge of the feeling of desperation and trying to keep in control. I like the idea of someone trusted playing with that vulnerability - of being supportive and caring.. and teasing and cruel at the same time and getting off on that. Slurping water until a point of discomfort and then perhaps the one needing to pee sitting on someone's knee while they gently stroke and massage right over the bladder and enjoy the wincing and squirming. There's lots of room for variation and combination and I like creative play. Perhaps wearing fine clothing you don't want to get wet. Perhaps something tight that will show any drip. Perhaps naked and having warm water pored over the whole body. Perhaps the other one gets to pee, relaxing, relieved, while the desperate one still has to wait and wait and be told they are not allowed and that they have to be good and what will happen if they are bad. Perhaps it would be more humiliating to have a long walk home in public with no stops allowed.

I've had lovers desperate over a long period of time, squirming and begging to be allowed to go. Touched inside and out when any touch almost pushed them over the edge. Some were ticklish *evil grin*

I'd like one sometime doing their utmost, face screwed up in concentration and pain, sweating and clenching and trying to hold as much as they possibly can - while I squeeze and squeeze and rub and press until they are absolutely forced to wet themselves.

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10 Responses Feb 19, 2010

Interesting. I wonder how this would work out with a little bondage and some not-so-aggressive tickling.

Well I would think!

I await with plenty to drink.

I would love for you to torture my bursting bladder until I am forced to pee!

I'd love for you to do this with/to me!

The thought can be better than actually doing it but I'd give it a go (if I ever found the right person to do it with)

That's a great desc<x>ription of so man y of us I should think. Try measuring her capacity, get her to compete with her previous record or an ex... I found that was always great motivation to keep them hanging on!

I'm happy playing with people of any gender 8-) Haven't done much of this sort of thing with men yet.

Do you like to do this with male, female or both? I've done this (a while ago) with ladyfriend but sometimes think it would be fun with another male.

*grin* Nice thought...

i would like you to make mt that desperate :)!!!