I Was Forced To Quit My Job Because I Would Not Sign My Two Write Ups.

I went in to work this morning and was told that the pet store policy that I worked at on write ups is. If I don't sign my write ups, I would have to part way's with the company. I told my job to present me with the documents and policies stating that I have to sign my two write ups that I disagreed with and I would gladly sign the form. They did not present me with this policy. Again, my boss verbaly told me that she was going to have to ask me to leave do to the stores policy. I told my boss that I did not agree with the corporate office's decision on forcing my out the door against my will. I was never givin' a third write up stating that it's Pet Supermarkets policy to force me to quit do to not signing my write ups. Last time I checked, this was a free country and forcing employee's to quit, do to not signing our name on a sheet of paper is against thew law.  
superpetmartian superpetmartian
26-30, M
May 12, 2012