Tricked By Sister

A few years ago my sister and I decided to spend all summer going around the country sightseeing. She told me it would be a memory I wouldn't forget. Since we were camping, we made all of our meals at the camp sites. About a month after we started, I started getting these strange sensations, very emotional, my nipples being tender, and unable to get an erection.

I confided in her and she just smile and told me to not worry, she had a surprised for me. A few days later I started getting very warm at times and other times very cool. I thought I was coming down with something. When I told her that I was sick she said I wasn't. She took a bottle of pills out of her purse and told me that she has been giving me 2 of them a day till last week and she stopped. I asked her what they were and she told me that they were female hormones use to changed me, the way I have been feeling was the result of me taking them and when she quit taking them it caused me to react like a woman. She said I could either take them now willingly or stay like I was. I wanted to stop, but I was so sick feeling I continued. She went to the truck of the car and got another suitcase and it was filled with women clothes and she said from now on that would be what I would wear.

She had told me I would remember this trip and I do.
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6 Responses Jan 21, 2013

OMG I love your sister!!!! I wish I had a sister like that

i highly doubt this is a real story its not easy to get hormones your telling me a doctor prescribed your sister estrogen even tho she doesn't need it and testosterone blockers even tho there is absolute no reason to

I wanna hear the rest of this story...

And what happened after she got the suitcase,and you'll have to let me know where you are,i'd love your sister to start giving me them xx

me too i need some female hormones

I would love to meet your sister