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I Was Forced To Take Female Hormones

I said before I was forced to take female hormones by my mother.

At the time she got me to a doctor and I soon began taking the hormones

the changes to me were not easy for me to understand,
I became more emotional than I ever was, I'd cry and do as I was told
with fear of reprisal if I didn't

I already was wearing girl clothes, and my body soon became a better fit
for them
I soon had hips and of course I grew breasts
they were kind OF freaking me out, I had bras and now they fit
I didn't take off my bra often as I don't like seeing my breasts

My male parts have shrunk to mini size and I no they are useless
keptproperty keptproperty 18-21, M 12 Responses Jun 15, 2013

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Does it hurt?

My heart goes out to you. It's one thing being transsexual it's another thing having that forced on you. Poor dear.

Love to talk inbox me?

I do wish the all of this had happened to me when I was your age. I do understand that you may not like it but I wanted to be a girl and was forced to grow up and be a man. That always hurt every time I heard it.

I feel bad that you didn't have any choice in your transition but that being said I am jealous of your situation. I wish you the best....

You really have a wonderful Mom

Ya i wish my mom would do that to me

you have a wonderful mother.

Your male parts aren't useless, there will always be someone out there who will see you for who you really are.
Things like this don't push away the right people, they only push away the wrong people.

I have some of my male parts, but nothing works. I keep hoping I will find someone, someday. Thank you for your support.

For someone who loves you, no part of you would be useless though, would they? They'd all be a precious part of you.

Yes. I just have to find that person. Thank you for your support

Thank you for your support.

I would love everything about u

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I understand. I grew up hearing impaired, so I went to a private school. I thought all the doctors and people I saw was normal. I later in life realized I was being changed by my mother.

well this isnt a ****** up tale at all

How do you feel about all this at this point?

I'm relatively happier now

I was not forced, but my ex wife gave me estrogen without my knowledge until I grew breasts

i'm so jealous!

Why would she do that, but I am wondering do the breast get smaller or go away once estrogen is stopped. I am asking because I only feel good as long as I have something fem on and I stay complete dressed ar home and generally wear basic womens clothes most of time. I am stright and do not want men but love prescenting as female, makes me crazy that I want to this.

She had her boyfriends to do what she wanted from men and decided I should be less manly. The breasts do not shrink after estrogen stopped

But that sounds very hot.
So what breast size did you reach? Did you have any benefits from when the time you ran around with your enhancement?

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