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Aunt And Uncle Made Me A Little Girl.

My Aunt and Uncle had three kids (my cousins, 2 boys and 1 girl, she was a couple years or so younger, boys were 3 to 5 years older.) My bedwetting was bad enough as far as I was concerned, and just a year before THIS situation happened was when my Aunt put me back in diapers when I was 4-1/2 years old. Now I'm 5-1/5 and thought things were better with all of our family, their family and all of us still living at my Grandma's house. My Aunt and Uncle were pretty strict and rough at raising their own family and we just absorbed their disciplines as if we were part of their family too.

One morning, I had walked away from a scuffle with their son, the middle one about 2-1/2 or 3 years older than I am. When my Uncle found out, he said I needed to stand up and fight like a man and not wimp out. He said I was acting like a girl, not a boy. I was trying to tell him I wasn't going to fight my cousin and maybe get hurt or make things worse. He got mad and called me a wimp and said "I don't ever want you back-talking me and that means your butt is mine." He usually gets out his belt when he says that, so I said No, I wasn't back-talking, don't spank me! He said "Spanking isn't what you need. I've got just the punishment for you." He left and a couple minutes later he came back and told me to stand up in front of him. I did. He picked me up and said "You stand on this table and ***** to your shorts, boy." Of course after he puts me up on the table I ***** to my underwear and stand still. "Boys are not wimps when they stand up and fight their battles, but you didn't, and that means you are a boy who doesn't fight back, making you a sissy boy. Sissy boys around here wear dresses, and that means you too." No, I don't want to... "Tough luck, you made your decision and you sissied out, and my daughted has this cute yellow and white dress that is now your's to wear. He sees me starting to cry and tells me "We will do something about being a crybaby too, just keep crying." I stopped myself from crying mostly, and he tells me to lean forward, so I do. He puts the dress over my head and pulls it down until it's on my shoulders, then says "Be a good sport and put your arms through the sleeves." I finally do that and by this time my three cousins are in the kitchen watching and snickering at me. My Uncle pulls the dress down and I'm shocked to feel myself wearing a dress and looking like a girl. "Now, you feel different? Feel lik a little girl, and how about maybe a bow in your hair?" I shook my head and he quickly said "But let's do something now about your crying. Crying is for babies, ya know. Wayne, why don't you see if you little sister has some of her old Pampers in the back room. Bring me one." I stood there to avoid any more trouble and Wayne returns with his mom and a Pampers diaper and said "Mom wants to watch you put his diaper on him." My Aunt reminded me "You were just put back in diapers last year, David. Now again? Shoot, we should just start buying you some of your own Pampers." My Uncle said we can do this right here. He put his hands under my arms and picked me up again and told me "Just lay here on the table like a good girl." After he laid me down he went right to lifting up the dress and telling me to "Hold your dress up so it's out of the way, Sweetheart." I hold the dress against my chest and he pulls off my underwear. "Well, those are for big boys, so those are gone. You're not a big boy, you're a little girl, and little girls get the pleasure of wearing dresses and Pampers. Wayne?" Wayne hands his dad the Pamper and says "His Pamper, dad. Uh I mean HER Pamper, dad." He laughs and starts opening the diaper and says "You remember how these feel, don't you, Sweetie? Why don't you lift yourself up for your Uncle and show me you're a good girl." I lift myself up. He moves the back of the dress and puts the diaper under me. "Okay, that's a good girl." I lowered back down, and he moves my knees a little bit more apart. "You know you like these so tell me you just love to wear Pampers, and say it nice and loud so we can all hear you." I fumbled out the words I love to wear Pampers. He laughed softly and said "That's very nice, Sweetie. Now tell me to finish puting your Pamper on you, go ahead, tell me." I said Please finish puting the Pamper on me. He brought the front of the diaper up as he said "Our little Princess here wants me to finish up, well, let's do so." He pulled the diaper the rest of the way up, spread it open and down around my sides. " Ooh, I bet you liked the feel of that, huh, Sweetie? You've been WANTING to wear your Pampers, haven't you?" I remained quiet as he taped one side then pulled the other side up, peeled the tape and fastened it snug like the first one to the frong waist band. "Ooh yeah, now THIS is what a pretty little girl looks like. You won't be a strong boy so you can be a sissy baby girl. How's that diaper feel, Sweetie? Feel soft and crinkly? You like wearing your Pampers baby diapers, we all know that, so let's stand you up and show you off, shall we?" He helps me to my feet and makes me turn around a couple of times and then when I'm facing him, he lifts up the front of the dress and says "You are cute with a dress on but these Pampers are perfect. You can come down and enjoy wearing your dress and diapers for the day. He helped me down off the table and pats my butt and tells me to "Go play in the living room and you WILL let me know when you wet your diaper, won't you, Sweetie?" I answered Yes and he said "Good girl. Go play in your diaper." I left the kitchen with everyone chuckling and making little comments about me wearing diapers and a dress an being a sissy boy. The dress wasn't fluffy but it was a bit small so I could tell when I leaned forward to put my hand on the floor to sit down, my dress rose above my diaper. No fun./
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I know you loved their making you a sissy and dressing you.

Great story

Just found your post in response to my story. I don't get back on here often enough, but thanks for your comment.

My Aunt seemed to like humiliating me as her form of discipline and just about a year before this was her first time putting me back in diapers for my bed wetting. My Uncle came back out this day with Lisa's dress and it was like her cutest dress. Lisa got the sweetest comments and so much attention whenever she was wearing this dress. Suddenly when I didn't see him carrying his belt, but this dress of Lisa's, my eyes got tears and my stomach felt butterflies of humiliation. When he said he was going to do something about me crying, again I pictured me in this dress laying across his knees and spanked with his belt. But after I was wearing the dress and he asked his son Wayne to go get one of Lisa's Pampers, I felt more helpless and embarrassed than when he came out with the dress. My Aunt coming back with him made the humiliation worse because she just kept rubbing it in about being a sissy and how I can't seem to stay out of diapers. I certainly didn't feel like a big boy most of the time around them because of my bed wetting. And now I really didn't. Standing on the table in a dress, half crying, and Wayne giving my Uncle a Pampers diaper in front of my Aunt? She was enjoying it all. My mind was a bit stir-crazy with emotions but then it was back to reality when my Uncle picked me up and I knew I was suppose to lay down and accept more punishment. It just seemed like nothing could be worse for me, until my Uncle raised up the dress and told me to hold it up for him. I focused then on the diaper he still had in his hand, and felt him pulling down my underwear. Again I felt like crying but held back. I watched him unfold the diaper and knew the next step was inevitable and raised up when he told me to. "Like a good girl" he said as he continued the humiliation. I felt it too, when I saw him spread the diaper open and lower it as I raised up. But I felt it most after I lowered down on it, after teasing me about telling him to put it on me as if I really wanted to wear it, and when I felt him spread it down around my sides and taped it snug on me, that's when I felt the smallest, the girliest and the feeling of being seen now by my family as a little toddler girl in Pampers diapers. It's also bad in my mind that I'm a 5-1/2 year old boy but still I can fit into toddler size Pampers. I envision that purple box in the closet of the back room as now a box of David's Pampers, because I can't seem to stop wetting the bed, and now because my family puts me in a dress AND puts me in the Pampers. It's like I have no way out and might as well get use to being put in diapers and now sometimes in a dress. But times were different back when this took place, and to see a young boy wearing a dress was usually viewed as being a sissy. My Uncle was strict but also abusive in my opinion too. I knew not to cross him. When I didn't fight my cousin and he found out, I thought he would get his belt. To be honest, the dress was better than the belt. The times my Aunt would wave a Pampers diaper in front of my face or even softly smack one against my forehead and say something like "Come on, kiddo, get your clothes off." or "David, you know what happens next, right?" were better than getting spanked with a belt, so I gave up fighting it and just let things happen. I think we were all use to seeing Aunt getting out another Pampers and David being the one to get put in that Pampers. I remember when I was 8-years old and moving out and being glad that my Aunt couldn't put any more Pampers on me. But up until then, I remember my stomach would kind of drop every time my Aunt brought home a new box of Pampers Toddler diapers. She always walked by me or in front of me or would yell out to have me come see her and I would see the new anf full box and hear a comment about how she has some more Pampers for the little boy in the house. She never put a dress on me though, because to her it seemed more embarrassing for me if all I wore was the Pampers. So, it always seemed like that was her own punishment. It wasn't uncommon for my mom to come home from work and see her 6, 7, or 8-year old son roaming around the house just in his diaper because for some reason my Aunt always made a excuse for why she put me in another Pampers. Sure I wet the bed but that was at night. So any reason at all was good enough for my Aunt to show me one of the diapers and that was my que to let her put it on me. So I would go along with it because I felt that's how things went at that time in our family.

Why didn't you call the authorities bc that's child abuse, and yes nowadays people in the US can get arrested for that sort of thing, like you're under arrest for the detrimental mental abuse and endangerment of the welfare of your siblings child.

GREAT story

So cute

Thanks. That was the early 1970's right after Pampers introduced tapes on their diapers. They were all white and plastic outer covers, and my Aunt and Uncle told me they really looked cute and matched my girly yellow and white dress.

SO SO SO similar to my situation.

Hope things got better sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

They didn't at first, of course because my Uncle and everyone wanted me to "enjoy being a little girl and keep puting diapers on me, but after something like 5 or 6 times that they changed me into a dry diaper I told my Uncle I have to go number 2, and he said he's not changing a poopy diaper and to tell my Aunt. When I told her, she didn't want to either so she said to take the diaper off to go number 2 and then bring her a new diaper and she would put it on me. When I went number 2 and cleaned myself up and brought her a new diaper, she had me lay down in her bedroom on her bed and she put the new diaper on me. As I was laying there, my dress pulled up and my Aunt just finished taping the diaper on, my Uncle came in the bedroom and said "If the little girl has learned a lesson from this she can stop wearing the dress, but I want you to wear the Pampers just to play it safe, and you can sleep in Pampers tonight." My Aunt stood me up and took the dress off me and made me tell my Uncle I am sorry be acting like a sissy, so I stood there feeling humilliated already but realizing how ashamed I felt when my Aunt pulled the dress off over my head and as she pulled it off my head and arms I could feel myself still wearing a Pampers baby diaper. I looked at my Uncle and said "I'm sorry focr acting like a sissy Uncle Howard." He replied with "It takes years to grow out of being a wimpy little boy. You better get on with it." I listened to him intently and then noticed as he finished talking that his eyes looked down at my diaper. So I looked down at my diaper too for a second and again felt embarrassed because I'm still in a diaper. My Aunt got my attention as my Uncle left the room by saying "you wake up tomorrow morning in a wet Pamper and I will most certainly take you with me to the drug store and buy another full box of Pampers, make you carry your own Pampers to the register, and I will make sure to tell the girl there that those Pampers are for you, so I hope you wake up with a dry Pamper. You understand?" I said Yes and nodded. She smiled and said "Good. Now go play somewhere, little boy." She patted my butt as I turned to leave her bedroom. It made a plastic crinkly sound when she patted my diapered butt, however at least I felt better, she didn't say little girl, she said boy. I went to the living room and sat on the couch and watched what was on the TV at the time. This was the first time I was forced to wear a dress, so some day I will post the next time I was made to wear one.

Did they make you wear girls socks or tights?

No ~ but later on, when my cousins and I were older and we came to visit them, I was around 7-years old, just before my mom and stepdad moved us to Minnesota when I was 8, my older cousin wanted to buy some clothes for his younger sister for Christmas and he wanted to be sure they fit her (so he said) and told me I have no choice but to help him because I was closest to her size. He took me to his bedroom and told me to get undressed and naked and I thought he was going to make me wear another diaper. Since he was bigger and I knew he would get more physical if I refused, I took all my clothes off and when naked he said to put these on. He handed me some girls under wear and a tank-top shirt. They were both light green but the shirt had a light pink rose attatched to the middle of the neck in front. He said this is a matching set that Lisa wanted for Christmas and said to hurry up. So I pulled the underpants up and they fit but a tiny bit tighter than my own underwear fit me. Then I put the shirt on and it seemed to fit good but it only covered the top waist band of the underpants, so I told him it was a little small on me. He said it's suppose to be, "It's perfect fit for a little girl or a sissy boy, and I bet you feel like a little girl, don't you?" I asked to take them off now and he said if you tell anyone about this I will hunt you down, you know that, right?" I nodded. He said for a boy, you suredo fit in girls clothes and diapers like a girl. You better be glad I don't just put a diaper on you, but lucky for you I don't have any more." I took off the shirt and underpants and handed them back to him and got my own clothes on. He let me leave without any more done or said. I remember the underpants felt soft and were stretchy and wondered why they don't make girls underwear look like boys underwear. Then thought because girls like cute things like flowers and polka dots, and boys like plain white underwear. Later, I was told by that same cousin that he should start buying me girls panties and dresses because I make a better baby girl than a baby boy. I was afraid to open his Christmas gift thinking he got me girls clothes or more diapers. He didn't and all was good.//