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My Sisters Going Away Party Year 2

It was summer again, most boy would be happy to be getting out of school, not me. I knew my sister was coming home from college. I thought about it the first week she was there, but then a few weeks after i forgot and started hanging out with her. Thing is ever though she dressed me up as a girl, i respected her, i think i even respected her more after it, if she told me to do something, i did it, afraid of the punishment again.

Many weeks went by, and my sister was going to college the next day, i thought she forgot about it, when i heard 7 separated door bell rings. "Daniel come meet us in the basement" My sister said, afraid of her showing the video tape i did so. Hoping i would atleast getto watch some good movies like i did last year. Oh but i was wrong, stacked up on the table i saw "Bring it on,Legally blond, Legally Blond 2" They put in bring it on, and every so often they would do a part of my makeup, or file my nails. I hated that movie. it was obviously made for chicks.

Then they inserted Legally blond, once again huge chick flick. When the movie was over my sister commented, "Oh my gosh you guys i have an idea" I sighed "I'll be back by the time this move is over" she inserted legally blond 2. Once again i had to watch the movie, it ended and i was glad the worse was over, or so i thought. 5 minutes after it finished my sister walked down stairs, holding a few bags With these outfits in them: and she took them out of the bag and i instantly remebered them. "OH NO THIS HAS GONE TO FAR!" i screamed "WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO ANNOYING"

"What was that?" my sister said. Girls all of you put $20 in the middle of the table,We're going shopping" i did the math there was 160 in all, then my sister added 80 more dollars to the twenty she put in "I'l pay any amount for you my lovely little sister" so then it was 240 "put this on" she then demanded I put on one of the outfits that had high heeled pink boots with the pink dress. they placed the wig on my hair and curled it correctly. "now time to walk" my sister said. "NO!" I screamed "We have to work in your high heels somehow."

After about an hour walking in the dress and heels to the mall, i was exhausted i did not know how girls did it. first place we went was a place to get ears peirced. "no!" i said "unless you want that video getting out, Yes. now you behave in there or else and don't talk"

We all walked in. My sister walked to the door, and was talking to the person at the desk. and pointed to a pair of earrings. she walked back and said "ok thats 40 down, 200 to go" I sighed "Danielle please?" the lady said, knowing she meant me i walked over with my sister. "hey there darling" she said to me "My sister doesn't talk very much she isn't very full of herself, that's why were doing this shopping trip, so she can be sure she's a beautiful girl!" "This may hurt a bit" the lady said. I closed my eyes in pain as she pierced both the ears

"Well how do you like your new ears" my sister said we walked through the mall when a lady with long dark hair said "Hello there girls would you like a makeover?" "we'll take one, we're trying to get my sister in touch with her feminine side to show her how much of a girl she is, can you make her look just like this?" she showed a picture of the girl from legally blond "Of corse i can! she said, now whats your name" "She doesn't talk much, but her name is danielle" "Aww what a beautiful name"

about an hour passed by and my face looked as femine as the girl from legally blond. "That will be 75 dollars" the woman said. so now they were down to 125, but what else did they want to buy. We walked over to another kiosk filled with perfume "we'll take one (girly perfume name that i don't remeber)" "That will be 45 dollars" the woman said Dang i thought i spend 5 dollars to get my deoderant. and they were spending 45 for one bottle of perfume? Well anyways they have 80 dollars now.

While my sister and i shopped for pajamas, she found one that said "****" on the butt and on the top Girls rule. 15 dollars down.that leaves 65. A couple minutes passed and i saw the other girls walking back, with a couple of bags that i didn't know what was in . we went home they had their fun playing with me in different outfits, but during the entire thing i noticed 1 or 2 would be missing in or out and they would whisper to each other randomly. At about midnight they were done, and said i could return to my room made me put on my pjs and took the other clothes. I walked into my room, and i was frightened. it changed, the walls were painted pink. My sheets had pokadots all over them, my room was clean and smelled girly also.

My wooden dresser was painted pink with purple doors. I was so annoyed, i went to brush my teeth when i realised i had a pink tooth brush, and a bunch of makeup beside my sink, Then i saw a hair drier, and curlers. Then there was a box, when i opened it, i saw bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. So mad that my room was turned girly, i looked in my dresser to change out of these panties and this dress, only to find when i opened up my underwear drawer there were panties. I checked my sock drawer, all girls socks, my pants drawer, skirts tight jeans, camprees, and super short shorts. my shirt drawer, blouses. I walked in my closet to see if i had anything in there.

My bookcase, was the first thing i noticed, all my magazines were gone, replaced with Girls life, Americain cheerleading magazine, M magazine, Seventeen, and tons of others, then i looked for pants or dress shirts i hung up, They were gone, replaced with dresses. and some more pajamas on the shelf. i ran to my tv, looked for my playstation, it was gone, replaced with a pink ds, with only the games barbie, dogs,wedding designer, top model, and a bunch of other girl games.

I turned on my tv, to see all channels were blocked, and only the recorded shows could be watched, among the record show list was, Jershy shore, gregs annanomy,Dance moms, Todlers and tiaras, teen moms, Even stevens the secret world of girls (i thought that would be good),and many more. I knew getting mad ta my sister wouldn't help me, so i went to go into my bed and sleep, but there was a letter on my pillow that read

"Dear danielle,
My college was dellayed for 3 more weeks due to security issues, so i will be here until the day before you go to school. You will get your clothes back after all 3 weeks. You will change clothes every day, no exceptions. You have to take a shower everyday, i don't care if we got you shampoo named "So sexy" you are to use it. You will also find shaving cream and a razor, use that also. Shampoo twice. Now for the video games you are to play all of those games for about 2 hours in total. The jewelery needs to be worn, all of it! You are incharge of putting on your own makeup in the morning, don't let me find out you didn't put on one part. we put just enough clothes in your drawers combined with our old clothes, and some we got from the store when you and me were shopping for pajamas, You will be able to wear all of them once, make sure they go together. If they don't you'll have to go right back up and change again. We will be going swimming tuesday and thursday this week, wear different bikinis and tops each time. We will be going to the salon tomorrow, wear a nice dress, shower and put on your makeup. Luckly we talked to the hair dresser, and she said that she can make you look like a girl in no time, but still be able to make you look like a guy again on the last day. She will teach you how to insert curlers in your hair, how to blow dry it, and you must follow the instructions every day. We were so nice to record a bunch of tv shows for you, you must watch them all. Have fun little sis!

P.S. Even stevens the secret world of girls is about a boy being forced to dress as a girl

your loving sister

Throughout the week i did what she said, we went to the salon, From waking up to going down stairs it took me 2 hours to get ready. I tried to not put on makeup one day, she caught me, and she had another punishment, I had to get my nails done, this time with a girly pattern on them. I didn't try to not do any part again, on the last day it felt so good to be back in my clothes.
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Now you see I wouldn't mind being dresses up and all but sometimes they cross the line.When you cross the line don't be surprised if your **** is burnet some ***** got cut

Or shot

It is so fun to dress boys up in girls clothes~ They always act like they are hating it but don't really protest all that much. Afterwards I find some of my things mysteriously dissappearing!

I wish someone Would Do This To Me

If you dressed me up I would only give up protesting because I would be tired or sick and your stuff would be dissapering because I would be throwing it out or burning it

if you think it;s fun, will you do it to me

I want someone to do this to me

I have always dreamt about this happening to me but it is now to late

oh my god me 2

I want ur sister and i would be so great full if someone did this to me :)

Loves it

the must have very brutal all the way

Yeah great story something similar happened to me when i was about 13

do tell

Beautiful! This will give sisters and Moms a lot of girlie ideas to make boys do! Keep it up. We will win

I think that if you didn't want it, then you would be a man and put an end to it instead of lying on the ground and waiting for something to happen, dude stand up for yourself!

I agree that to some this sounds like a drem but she has no right doing that to you if you dont want to. I really hate people for doing that cus it can change your life greatly, not neceserily in a bad way but in a way you did not want.

Fabulous sweetie

I wish something like that would happen to me :(

id love ur sister

Too bad ... for many of us this story of your's sounds like a dream come true.

For many of you but keep me out of the ****