Momma Said

At the age of 5 IK pissed my mom off royally and to punish me I was to wear some of my older sisters panties. Now they were nothing fancy. Just polished cotton in a sweet pink color. I fought with all my power,quite limited, to prevent doing so! But very quickly I found myself pantied. First time? I don't know for sure,but the first time I remember. Any way I spent the next several hours out behind the barn,away from my mom and sister. Then I needed to use the toilet. So going to the lean to I unbuttoned and begin to fish my tool out.Behold the hated pink material came into view. But wait they now seemed to fasinate me,and wonder of wonders I begin to get a hard on! At the age of 5 I was sporting a full hard. For that reason the episode was impressed on my mind and feelings. So the remainer of the day passed with me checking several times to verify the pink was still there. And believe me the pink or other fem color has been there nearly constant since then.
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Sep 11, 2012