Watching My Daughter **********.

I worked a long shift yesturday so I didn't get home till about 1am. Walked in the door & noticed that the T.V. was on in the livingroom. My wife normaly goes to bed about 10pm so I knew it was my daughter. As I walked closer to the livingroom I heard her panting softly. As I peaked into the room I saw her sitting up on the couch wearing a t-shirt & some panties, watching an adult movie on cinimax & rubbing her pantie like there's no tomarrow. I could see the wet spot. I was in shock & just stood there watching her. After a few minutes she looked over her shoulder & saw me standing there & hurried to cover up. I said "oh, i'm sorry honey" "it's ok daddy" she said with a smerk. I said it was bed time & i walked her to her room. I went to the bathroom & when I came back I noticed the clothes she was wearing laying on the floor. There she was bundles up in her blanked cmpletely naked. I gave her a kiss goodnight as I let my hand slide up & down over her blanket. I had such a hard on. On the way out the room I picked up her pantie off of the floor & took them with me. I quickly ran off to the bathroom, dropped my pants, sniffed & licked the wettness of her panties till I came. I felt so wrong that I zipped up & headed off to bed.
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5 Responses Jul 2, 2011

knowing me, i would probably do likewise. t say your account was arousing thank you

thats sick man your a weirdo

That is a bit wrong, probably a lot wrong, not gonna lie.

that is great and yes go for it lets chat ,,, i have done the same

Go for it man. Once in a life is no harm.