Stranger ****** Me While I Slept

I was taking sleeping pills several years ago. They worked great. I'd take the pill, and do a little emailing, then head to bed, maybe sip a little wine, and be asleep in about 30 minutes. Then my doctor got some free samples or something and decided I should try the controlled release version.

I don't know how it works, but it is supposed to release more slowly so you stay asleep for 8 hours. At least that's what I was told.

I started taking them, and seemed to sleep really deeply, so I thought all was great. Then, a few friends asked me why I was sending them such crazy emails. I had no idea - but I checked my Sent box, and saw I'd written total gibberish. Long emails with not one real word in them. I figured out I must've been awake/asleep while emailing and had my fingers one key off on the computer keyboard or something.

That was disturbing, but what I found out the next day was even more disturbing. There were emails in my Inbox from total strangers, emails about sex. I discovered I'd been emailing guys off of Craigslist Casual Encounters ads while awake but unconscious. Twilight sleep they call it. Apparently, some people drive in this condition, or go gambling, or eat. And never remember.

I read these emails I'd sent guys - about how I'd let them **** me, or them and their friends, or whatever. It was pretty scary to know I'd sent stuff like that without remembering it.

I decided I just had to go to bed earlier. So, that night, I had my little glass of wine and my pill and went straight to bed. I slept hard, but had some weird dreams. In one dream, my phone kept ringing, and I'd answer it, annoyed, and some guy would ask where my house was, and then he'd call again and say he was at the store down the street, and then again to say he was outside, should he really come in?

In another scrap of a dream, someone was in my room asking if I was asleep. In another little fragment, someone was in my bed with me, in another, someone was touching between my legs.

When I woke up, I checked my email right at the top of my inbox was an email from a guy I didn't know. The subject said, "I'm so sorry. I feel terrible." I opened it up and was totally floored by what it said.

It turns out that I didn't go right to sleep. I got up and started doing stuff on Craigslist again. This time, I actually put up an ad inviting someone to come **** me at my house. I got a lot of responses and chose this one guy who ended up coming over, while I was asleep, and getting in bed with me. He asked if I remembered much and said he worried if I was ok, and that he felt bad and so he wrote me the apology. He said he hoped I didn't feel bad.

I was freaked out. I tuned into my body for a moment and realized my **** felt creamy and slimy like it does after a night of being filled with ***. I wrote him back and asked if he had ****** me, since I didn't remember a thing.

He said, no, that he just got in bed with me, and touched my breasts for awhile and then felt bad for taking advantage of me and so he left.

I touched my **** - it felt warm and swollen, like after *******, and it was slick inside and out with moisture. I told myself it was just because I must've gotten excited. I sure as hell didn't want to believe some stranger I never even saw came in and ****** me while I was asleep. I preferred thinking it was just exactly as he said, but that it made me horny in my sleep.

I told him he was a ******* creep and never to contact me again. I stopped taking those sleeping pills. I deleted the emails and stayed off the Internet for a few days.

A few days later, he called me and wanted to talk. He was feeling terrible guilt, and, to be honest, I was feeling really scared - who was this guy I'd let in my house? What had happened, anyway? Did he **** me? Eventually, I agreed to talk to him on the phone, and found out the whole story.

He said he kept calling to make sure it was ok with me, and to get directions. He said he was really nervous and wanted to make sure I wasn't messing with him. But every time he called, I answered and told him to just get here already.

He said he found the house, called again to make sure I meant it, and then walked in - the door was unlocked. The house was totally dark, and he had to grope his way around to find the stairs. Once upstairs, he could see a little better thanks to the streetlights shining in my bedroom window.

I was passed out, he said, and he came in and tried to talk to me. He asked if I should leave and he claims I told him to get in bed and **** me. He got behind me, and spooned me.

I snuggled my *** up against his crotch, and he got hard as he put his arm around me and started playing with my breasts. He turned me over on to my back and saw that I was wearing a very loose nightgown, which was already sliding off one shoulder.

He thought I was asleep but he wasn't sure because I'd move around a bit and mumble, and I'd reach out and grab him, or encourage him by stroking his arm, or grabbing his ****. Sometimes, as time went on, he says that I'd tell him it felt good, or to **** me. Or to **** me harder.

He was really scared, he said, but after a little while he started to just go for it. He knelt next to me and touched my big, floppy **** through my nightgown, finding the nipples and making them hard. He touched my face and kissed me, but I pushed him away, he says.

He took my night gown off my shoulders and exposed my breasts. He grabbed them and played with them. He started licking the nipples and said I really liked that and that I grabbed his head and pushed my breasts up into his face when he did that, and told him that was good. He got up and took off his pants, his **** was harder than it's ever been, he said, and then he pushed my nightgown up, exposing my hairy *****, so I lay there with the nightgown bunched around my middle, with my **** and **** showing.

He spread my legs open - he says he didn't force me, just pushed a little on my knees, and I immediately spread my legs wide open for him and put my hand on my *****. He got between my legs, and started playing with my **** some more, and rubbing his **** on my pubic hair.

He said he wasn't sure if he should **** a sleeping girl but that I asked him to just **** me now, just do it. He got up on his knees and looked down at my *****.

He had precum oozing out his ****, and he worried about me getting pregnant, when he saw it smeared around my pubic hair, but then he wanted to keep going, so he grabbed his **** and smeared it around my puffy fat **** lips.

He said that at that point I groaned and opened my legs even more. He asked me, "Are you on protection? do you want me to get a condom?" but, he says, I just told him it wasn't a problem and to just **** me NOW.

He felt down between my legs and found that my ***** was sopping wet. He said he never felt a ***** that wet. He said his fingers just slipped right into me, and all around my hole, all wet and slippery.

I had a bath before bed, and he said my ***** smelled sweet and good and he wanted to get his **** in it right away.

He thought it would be polite to play with my **** a little but when he tried I told him to **** me.

He said he wanted to *** really bad. His wife had left him six months before that, and he hadn't had sex for awhile before they split, or since. He knew he was going to *** a lot and worried again about making me pregnant.

He stopped right then, thinking about what it would mean to **** a sleeping woman and get her pregnant. He felt scared again, and thought he'd lose his erection, but it was just getting bigger, he felt, and he asked me one more time, "Is this ok? I want to **** you and *** inside you. Are you sure it's ok?"

I apparently told him to **** me now. So he took a breath and plunged his **** into me with one big push. He says he started ******* me slowly and carefully, but that I told him to **** me hard.

Now, remember, the whole time he's talking to me- my eyes are closed, and sometimes I don't answer and he has to ask over and over, and when I answer it's in an annoyed, sleepy way. But, I tell him to **** me hard, and so he pulls it out and slams it in. Again and again.

My breasts are jiggling like crazy, he says, and my head is getting jammed up against the wall with each thrust. He said he was so into watching my **** jiggle as he ****** me that he didn't even realize at first that the banging sound was my head against the wall. He looked up as he ****** me and saw that so he stopped and grabbed me by the shoulders, his **** full inside me to the hilt, and pulled me down the bed a little so I wouldn't keep hitting my head.

AFter that, he said, my head just nodded loosely with each thrust and he couldn't believe he was ******* a sleeping woman, because he knew I was totally asleep then.

I don't know how long he ****** me. When I asked him, he just said, "For awhile." I think he must've ****** me more than once, because I bet he came a lot, if it had really been so long since he ****** *****. I think he felt too guilty to tell me that he had used my *****, and *** in me, and then played with me more, and ****** me again, for a longer time. All I know is that his last call, from outside my house, was at midnight, and that his email that he sent to apologize was sent from my own computer at 5 am. That's a long time for one ****.

Who knows what he did. I know my whole crotch felt pretty ******, once I realized what had happened, any my *** even felt a little strange.... But that could've been paranoia on my part.

Anyway, he did say that he worried about coming inside me, and was going to pull out, but that I mumbled that I wanted him to *** inside me. He claims that he asked if I was sure, and I said yes. *** inside my *****. So, he ****** me even faster and felt his **** going all the way into the end of my *****, as he pumped a **** load of *** into my vagina while I slept.

He said he couldn't believe how much *** there was, and that afterwards he lay on me a long time because it felt so good to just be inside me. He was very grateful, he said it was over a year since he'd had sex, and it wasn't good that last time he'd had it. Not like this. He said even though I was asleep, my hips kept bumping up to meet him while he ****** me, and that I made a lot of noises of pleasure as he thrust into me.

I could tell over the phone that he really liked ******* inside of me becuase he talked about that a lot - about how much he came and how deep inside of me - he pretended he was giving me those details because he was worried about pregnancy risk, but he sure went into a lot of detail. I told him that I wasn't actually on birth control, and he freaked out. I told him I'd let him know if I got pregnant, and he apologized again and said he hoped I forgave him, and we got off the phone.

I was freaked and felt like terrible ****. I didn't want to think about it.

A couple of years later, by strange coincidence, we ended up emailing again, and he this time I was more open to hearing about it, and he gave me even more detail about that part. Here's a fragment from his email:

"I came inside of you so much. I still can't believe I didn't make you pregnant. I just kept ******* and *******, just pumping into you, and I was buried so deep inside of you, I didn't know I could get so far into a woman before, and your ***** muscles were grabbing me, it felt like, milking the *** out of me, and I worried that would make my *** go even deeper into you, like where your eggs are, and make you pregnant. There was just so much ***. I remember when I started to ***, and I pushed so deep into you, and it felt like your ***** was pulling me even deeper, and I could feel your ***** just throbbing and grabbing on my ****, and the *** was jetting out of me into you. It was amazing. Your ***** was burning hot inside, and so slippery already, but my *** just filled you up. Before I left, I was covering you up and I looked to see if you looked ok. There was a lot of *** and it was all dripping out into your ***** hair all around. It was kind of foamy looking and all around your lips and in the folds, and I tried to wipe you a little, because it was all the way down to your butt cheeks and a big puddle on the sheet under you, but there was too much, and I didn't know if you'd want me touching you down there. You looked a little red and swollen, and all that *** all inside and around your ***** hole. I just cleaned it a little. It was actually really hot - to see all that *** and know it all came from me. I'm sorry. That's maybe TMI, but it was amazing. You were just full and dripping with my ***. I never got to look at a girl after ******* her before. I liked it. It was sexy. You have a sexy *****."

So, I think he did a little more than he said. By that time, I was over being freaked, and found it just another sexual fantasy to ********** to or tell my lovers while they ****** me.

It was a horribly risky situation, and I'm lucky nothing bad happened to me.

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There is always the thought and senseof guilt that you've taken advantage of an unconscious woman. I really enjoy making love to my wife when she asleep or just half awake. I find the sleeping form of a lady so sexy, with those nighties or lingerie. But when not a girlfriend or wife, i think that is so bad...... I am glad you got out that unhurt, but i can relate with how he must have felt on seeing your unconscious body and you'd said ........ me, drives a ...... throbbing.

Wow what medication was That?

Wow seriously? That's some weird **** you were smoking (joking, but yeah scary pills). But still, hot story! Did it ever cross your mind what if in your unconscious state you had sent your address to *all* the guys?

So...... did you ever "see" him again?

That was a hot freaky story

It was freaky. I can't believe it happened. It was so weird.