My Cousin Stole My Virginity While I Slept

When I was 14 years old, my cousin, who was 16 at the time, had just moved in with us. After a few months had gone by he felt comfortable with living with our family. By this time, he was no longer a stranger to me or anyone else in the home. So, what was about to happen would have never crossed my mind in a million years. One day, I came home from volleyball practice and he was sleeping on the couch. No one else was home. I moved his legs to sit as I watched tv. The unthinkable then began to happen. He put his legs on my thighs after I had pushed them to hang off the couch. I felt guilty for bothering him in his sleep so I let him rest his leg on me. Then, something weird happened...

His right foot began to caress the outside of my v*****. I was 14 with no clue of what was going on or what I was feeling. It did feel nice so I let him continue, thinking he was just moving his feet around while he slept. I opened my legs so that his foot could actually touch and rub on my v*****. It felt really nice. Remembering he was my cousin, I pushed his legs off of me and went to my room to think about what had just happened. I honestly thought it was a form of playing "footsie". I had known a little about sex from sex education and assumed that I had just experienced some sexual pleasure. I definitely wanted to experience it again, but not with my own cousin.

Later that night, I was sleeping in bed and I felt someone tapping my feet to check if I was awake. (Keep in mind, I normally wear a t-shirt and boxers to sleep, with no undergarments, whatsoever.) I refused to respond because I was so tired. After a few times of calling my name, I realized it was my cousin. He kept trying to wake me up, but I pretended to stay asleep because I didn't want to do things that I would later feel disgusted about. I thought, "if I don't respond, he'll leave." Boy, was I wrong. I then realized, by pretending to sleep, I had just given him access to my body.

Instead of leaving, he began to slowly and softly pat my vaginal area making sure there's no way I was awake. He began to rub my v***** from the outside of my boxers. He then moved closer to me, sliding his right hand up my left thigh and into the left leg opening of the boxer. He was now touching my very wet v*****. At the time, I had no idea why I was wet but I could feel liquid dripping from my v***** down to my butt hole. When he put his hand on my vagina, I felt him pull his hand out of my boxers to take a look at the gooey thing that was coming out of me. He then put his hand back in and started to flick my c***. Now, this was turning me on. After flicking it for awhile, he held my v***** open with his thumb and middle finger and began to rub it fast with his pointer finger as if he was constantly pressing down on a button as fast as he can . While he was playing with my p****, he lifted my shirt up with his left hand. I was a bit embarrassed because at 14, I had absolutely no breasts, they were completely flat. He didn't seem to care because as he was rubbing my p****, he began licking and sucking on my tiny nipples. He did this for about a minute before deciding focus on just my p****.

After he was tired of rubbing my c***, he slowly put one finger in me and kept it there. I softly let out a breath of air, trying not to let him know that I was awake while this was all going on. I kept in my moans and controlled my breathing while he was rubbing my c*** but keeping it in while he entered me was difficult. He began to push his finger in and out several times before adding another finger. This time, I deeply exhaled. He pushed it in and out going faster every time. It was painful but pleasurable. He took his wet finger out and shoved it into my mouth. It tasted weird. I thought we were done.

When he took his fingers out of my mouth, he kept my mouth open. I peeked to see what he was doing because he was grunting and breathing heavily. He was stroking his d***, making it big and hard. He walked on over to the side of my bed and stood near my head. He turned my head to face him and shoved his d*** into my mouth and pushed it against my inner cheeks. He did this for awhile before taking his d*** out and climbing up on my bed with my face under him. His body completely hovered over my face. He put his d*** back in my mouth, but this time, he shoved it right down my throat. He f****d my mouth harder than he did the first time. I remember just staring at his pubic area while I felt like I couldn't breathe, his pubic hair kept pressing up against my nose and his balls were just slamming into the bottom of my lips and chin. He pushed so hard, I began gagging, but he didn't stop. He kept pushing until I finally rolled over leaving his d*** to fall out of my mouth. He slapped me to see if I was awake, but I continued to pretend. I didn't want this to be any weirder than it already was. Now, I was sure he was done.

But, no, he was not. I had no idea that we didn't even have sex yet. He worked his way back down and took off my boxers. He moved his hands back to my v***** and began fingering me again, this time harder and faster than the first time. I slightly moaned, because I felt hornier than I did when he first did it. He started rubbing my c*** and fingering me at the same time. I was not prepared for what was about to enter. He spread my legs wider this time, and once again finger f***ed me. He took his fingers out and held my legs open. I felt something much bigger touching my v*****, rubbing up and down as if it were trying to enter. I tilted my head down and saw him trying to push his d*** in me. I tried to close my legs but he kept them wide open with both hands. There it goes, he pushed it in slowly and I gave out a big moan. He stopped and looked at me, I quickly acted as if I was still asleep. After waiting a few seconds, he continued to slowly push it in and out. It was so painful, I almost cried. He continued pushing, going faster with each push. After a few seconds of moving slowly and gently, he began to roughen his movements. He was ramming his d*** in my p**** harder and harder. It began to feel so right, I didn't want him to stop. I began to moan as quietly as I could, mostly groaning and exhaling deep breaths. He started to slow down and was almost ready to pull out, but I was not yet satisfied. I wrapped my legs around his butt and thighs and started thrusting him. I was sliding my body up and down from under him, pushing up to him as hard as I could so that his d*** would continue to penetrate my p****. He began to shake and I think he came in me, but I'm not sure because he came in my pubic area as well. After he was done, he walked out. I waited a few minutes before going to wash up because I didn't want him to see me. I walked past his room and he was sleeping as if he hadn't just had sex with his cousin. I, on the other hand, was unable to go back to sleep. I was completely turned on and disgusted with the fact that my cousin took away my virginity.
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Absolutely sexy as hell!

u kidding right, -_- he knew that u were awake every sane person knows when another person is awake or not. and u, if u were disgusted u wouldn't let him whatever he did -_-

Did he visit you more after that, did he **** you again?

Very very nice and hot. I also luv to suck nipples on a flat chest or on small boobs