Bob Forced Me

My dad's friend Bob was very attracted to me and forcefully *********** me while I was drunk in the past.  He forced himself on me again last Saturday night.  All I did was drive him home, but he forced himself on me during the trip.  We had watched the movie Jacobs Ladder with dad and there was a scene in the movie where a monster anal rapes a woman from behind.  All of us were drunk during the movie and I had to give Bob a ride home.  I was wearing clear thigh high nylons, red stiletto pumps and a white over-the-shoulder long sleeve dress.  Bob fell asleep as I was driving.  It was late night.  Bob kept falling alseep and leaning on me each time, causing me to push him back up in the passenger seat.  He was a big man and when he would lean against me it was hard to drive, so I kept pushing him back and trying to steer the wheel.  The car was an all leather luxury car that was Bobs.  I couldn't find the car seat buttons to move the seat forward and I could barely reach the pedals with my feet.  Finally Bob leaned against me so hard I lost control of the car and yelled at him.  He sat up right, but said that he won't stop unless I pull over and let him **** me!  I knew he wasn't kidding.  I told him no!  So he kept on falling asleep and leaning on him, causing me to pushing him back while steering.  Then he moved took his shoe off and moved his leg and mashed my foot down into the gas pedal.   I told him he is going to make me crash.  The car was going to fast.  Then I said 'OK', I will pull over.  So he let off my foot.  I put my foot on the brake and the car stopped somewhere along the way to his house.  I got out and got my lubricant and told him to use it.  I took my panties off.  He got out and got behind me, lubricated his penis after taking his pants off.   I closed the car door and held on to the car.  He stuck his hand up between my legs and felt it.  He told me that he didn't know I was wearing nylons.  Then he made me part me legs more and he shoved his penis far into me.  It hurt.  He held onto my thighs and stomach as he ravished me hard and the thrusts were intense.  He really banged me hard and deep.  I moaned in pleasure and pain.  He must have ****** me for ten minutes.  Then he stopped and told me to drive him hone and not to tell my dad.

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2010

He a *******

Did you enjoy it after he got started? Have you had seconds yet? I hope it was good for you as well as him.