My Sad Sad Story

She was a co-worker. We became friends, would go out for a beer after work. I thought she was really cute and sexy. One night she grabs me and kisses me. Wow! But the thing is, she's married. "Husband's out of town, come home with me." I do, and we start ******* at every opportunity. I encourage her to tell her husband, to be honest with him, I don't mind if she stays married, I'm OK with multiple lovers... But no, she won't be honest, and that should have been my clue. My friends warn me, I don't listen, she says she loves me, and I love her, I think it will last a lifetime. Dumdum. At one point I do break it off, but it doesn't stick, we get back together better than ever. Years go by. Then, she goes off the pill *without telling me.* [I don't know if this was planned with her husband? He must have known about us by this time] She gets pregnant, I'm fine with that, we agree that they will raise it and I won't interfere, but I will be there. But then, she turns icy and starts telling lies, the *least* of which is that I don't care about the coming child, and much worse than that, the most hateful things you can imagine. Our mutual friends are soured, my workplace a daily hell. I am forced out of the picture. I was never told about the birth, I had to BEG her crying to even find out that the child was born safely. I have never been informed whether the child is mine, and I can't allow her to poison it's young mind with her lies about me, that would be worse than anything. The child is now 16 years old and I've never seen it. I was told it's a boy.

Here's the kicker: she's now married to someone else. Whether the husband wised up and dumped her, or the ***** dumped him after getting him to raise someone elses kid...??? Not that it matters. I hope she gets bone cancer and dies an agonizing death, and soon, so I can finally introduce myself to what might be my child.

p.s. I sometimes wonder if he was/is a bedwetter like myself, it does run in families.

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Aug 9, 2010