My Cousins House Party

I was 14 and I was at my cousins house party, all of a sudden I started to feel sick, so I went up to my cousins room to try and make myself feel better. Just as I was about to leave, my cousins best mate who was 17 walked in with three of his friends. He said 'where are you going?' and shoved me onto the bed and raped me. He then encouraged the others to as well. The first three raped me, and the fourth boy also happened to be my best friend. I was crying, and my cousins best mate started threatening my best friend and forced him to rape me, so he also had no choice but to rape me. They were calling me a '****' and a 'filthy *****' and that they were 'teaching me a lesson'. My best friend was crying, and couldn't look at me, it broke his heart to hurt me like that. My cousins best friend laughed at me, kicked me in the stomach, spat on me and they left and left me sobbing on the matress. I kept it bottled up for almost a year before I was brave enough to tell anyone.
Sidneyh18 Sidneyh18
3 Responses Oct 22, 2012

I hate them for you and I feel so bad for you and your best friend. I hope for the best love.

be strong. sharing does help. if u want to talk about it my gf sara was gangraped at 14. u can talk to her

how can any boy do suck a thing...