Dont Trust Men

i am writing my story only 26 years after it happened,there were 3 of them,i was 19,had to go visit a friend who had 3 roomates,i cooked all of them a nice spagetti dinner,we were all drinking,i never thought because my one friend was there that anything would ever happen.i was the only female there,duh?feeling a little dizzy and tired from a long day at college,i asked if i could lay down in the bedroom feeling sick from drinking,i laid down in the bed,and all the sudden they came in the room,3 of them,two held me down,while each one took a turn at me,i was too weak to fight,as if thay was not humiliating enough,the next week i had sores all over my labia and the doctor at the walk in clinic said i had herpes.i never told the doctor i was gang raped,i was too embarrassed,and scare dbecause one of the men said he would kill me if i told anyone and he knew where i lived with my parents,(and he supposedly just got out of jail for stabbing someone).so i hid this for 26 years.i am 46 now and it i
had been thinking maybe i would go to the police after looking up the one guy that threatened me,i found his mugshot,showing he had been arrested for child rape in 1978 and had been serving time for not registering as a sex offender,i finally decided to go for it and tell on him until
i read DECEASED,this is why ladies if you are raped DO something about it NOW,not wait until it's too late like I did.I am the one who can never have a normal sex life again,because one of these men gave me herpes.I can only hope he rots in HELL.God knows what he did to me.
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Your "friend" is one of the biggest arseholes on this earth and he will get what he this life or in the next, trust me he will!

Not all men are like this. :( I 'm really sorry that you were not treated properly. Sex should never be forced on anyone.