I Was Gang Raped By My Brothers Gang

two years ago i was 13 when my brother was sent 2 prison for a mugging when i was walking home from school a car pulled up and my brothers mate offered me a lift home so i got in is car and was taken 2 a house where 10 men where there they told me i had 2 pay my brothers debt off and then they all took turns ******* me they made me suck there ***** 2 get them hard befour they ****** me after they had all had a go they got in a circle and all wanked off and *** all over me they took pictures of me and taped all of it .
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I was also used by my brother's friends when I was 13, the sucking was not really forced but the sex definitely was the first time. I'd like to talk to you more about this, message me if you're open to it

i always wonder how those videos never make it to net

just right now I have seen "when I was 13". I think I take a look at profile age when i posted the comment

your brothers friends are true ********,maybe someone should bend them over and
stick a cucumber up there ***** seehow they enjoy that.

especially with that attitude CaseyWasVeryKinky has or had with me it is not surprising to me that some guys would do that to her. In our messages she said for me to practice on my illiteracy, guess she is not familiar with text slang, a serious hypocrite seeing how her name was CaseyWasNawty and i told her you spelled nawty wrong it is "naughty" so practice on your illiteracy. I cannot stand hypocrites and *******! Keep acting like that and bad thing will continue to befall upon you. Female15 was very nice when i conversed with her and she shared some very interesting fantasies.

i would like everybody to know that CaseyWasVeryKinky is a man pretending to be a young girl and share fake experiences. I guess he blocked me cuz i figured him out. Blocked me when I asked her age. If it is a female then she is very unintelligent. When asked how old she is and the response I got was "old enough to know not to answer that question", this person is very ignorant. She talks about her bad sexual experiences yet is on her promoting her sexuality and her picture is of her in her purple panties sticking out her ***. I just dont understand some people. Be yourself!

This is horrible. Those guys will get what they deserve. Karma is a mean *** ***** n she's comin for them!

sex is to enjoyed as pleasure not forced like this despite people have fantasy to rape and get raped but that could be pleasure not like this.

some people wtf! the groups says rape not had a rape fantasy!!! certain comments from people are just to much. That video is evidence of their crime. If you have any idea where it is etc. and the courage to stand up to them.

I really hope you get the help you need.

yes some people just think its fun

have you fantasized about it since?

that's pretty ****** up to even ask that question

please read all the comments before judging. If you look earlier at the bottom she said that when it happened it was scary but now looking back it was hot.

you do realize that this was a 13 yr old child that this happened to... and now she is only 15. Read some of the other stuff she said.. trying not to let it influence her life..This was a horrible crime committed on a 13 yr old child, that wasn't able to go to the police.. everyone of those guys would be in jail for a very long time if they are ever caught.. and can still happen if someone sees that video and can hand it over to the police, or better yet, identify who did this.. think about this.. she was 13... a child. Rape should never happen to anyone.. If anyone saw the video and did not report it.. they could easily bi jail for child *********** and even worse.. watching a crime being commited..
people roleplaying is a completely different thing, and it's between consenting adults... this was a horrible crime committed, and on a 13 yr old child.. what part of that do you not understand?

you need to visit her profile buddy, she has it stated that she is now 18-21. I am from Miami and have had plenty of close female friends and ex girlfriends that have been raped, not to mention my own mother. I am not going to argue with you. Please refrain from directing comments towards me if you dont like my opinion and what i have to say.

you need to go back up and read her story that was just posted this month... she said she was 13 when it happened.... two yrs ago... that makes her 15 it's in black and white ... what part of that did you miss? It's the very first sentence of the post

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luv to see that video

so would i :)

this girl goes thru hell, and you want to watch that? what if you had to pay your brothers debt off, and the guys got ahold you, made you do all of that, took pictures and taped it. Don't said you'd never let it happen.. just like in jail.. when you're over powered.. it'll happen.. You post about it, and you're traumatized about it.. and guys are damn near begging you to let them see the video.. true slime and scum here

im sorry that this debauched travesty happened to this girl, but she mentioned "it was scary at the time but thinking back it was hot" her words not mine. I take from that comment this brave girl has in some way dealt with it but not completely got over it and people always referring to her as a victim ( which she is ,don't get me wrong) will only prolong the recovery process for her. I made this comment offhand as a joke so she can see that a don't see her as a victim but as a young woman with her whole life ahead of her and she can move on withe her life and not just be seen as the girl who was gangraped. Idon't spout stuff at people to feel better about myself like u and i'm not going to make someone feel like a victim all the time as they will never move on from that one disastrous moment in their life.

good point.. telling her that you'd love to see her as a 13yr old child, scared to death while this was happening will obviously make her feel better about it... Let's talk about this.,.. you're in your early 20's so you say, and you tell a 15 yr old teenager that you'd like to see the video of her as a 13yr old child being gang raped.. no matter what she says... the fact is, she was gang raped when she was 13, and now she is ONLY 15..underaged.. this isn't roleplaying or fantasy.. this something that according her. actually happened.. what you are talking about is ********** in it's purest form, along with violence. No matter what excuse you use.. the fact is that you'd probably really enjoy seeing that video.. she is an under aged teenager, and just became a teenager when this happened.. she was ONLY 13.. if you saw her face to face and said that to her, and someone heard you.. you'd be in jail.. think about that for awhile before you answer.. This is a strong reason that anyone under 18 should not be able to be in adult forums and be exposed to scum like you

I find it both odd and sad that you think this is an adult forum.
It seems that the creators of this website made it for people of all ages to share their experiences.
Many experiences are adult in nature like this subject but I really like that there is a place for a young person like the stories creator to share her story and start or continue the process of healing that comes from this kind of thing.

odd and sad.. you're right about that one... there is an adult section of this place.. and an area for the underaged... just to let you know.... This person that had this happened to her sent me a message and I quote:
hi thank you 4 ur comments

I got the same thing.
Only Hothorse is kinda right to that she says she said...

"it was scary at the time but thinking back it was hot"

I am thankful that she has got enough strength to not crumble or crush her spirit/life.
I also like that the story may help others that have had similar terrible thing like this.

As far as adult since she is posting about an adult subject there is a mix of ages present.

Another thing is that all of her stories revolve around taboo/forced sex. It seems to be a recurring theme in her life so far. :(

Not sure how such a young girl gets herself into that many taboo situations. But part of the clue is that she wears short skirts and she describes her sex with one of her teachers as making love.

the other story about baby sitting she didn't seem to mind it at all in fact enjoyed it as far as I can tell.

Not that it makes any of them ok.
Just that she seems to enjoy sex at an early age. Including what is considered kinky by some.

yep.... hard facts to think about... if that was a dominating factor in what is happening now

A lot of children that have been abused at a very early age, become very active sexually at a very early age, and can revolve around very risky sex

very true.
I just wonder when it all started etc.
People get plenty of exposure in various ways.
Of course the internet now but not that long ago in houses with one room etc. The adults/parents had sex next to sleeping kids.

why r we discussing it more than her

Understanding her and what happened to her is all I was discussing. But her story does not have the pure fear and terror of the experience that one would think it would have. In fact if you add to that the comment below and her other stories you get that she is a very early bloomer as far as sexual things go.

The fact remains that she is below the age of consent in many countries but that never really stops anyone from engaging in sex before it is legal. I rarely meet people that wait till it is legal to have sex.

In talking to various people or watching documentaries I see a pattern that many young people have an attitude about sex that honestly boggles the mind.

Case in point... A young girl was caught giving a young boy a *******.
When asked why, she said "well I wasn't naked and ******** aren't sex."

You kinda gotta agree with her logic since the US Congress believed a sitting US Presidents claim that he did not think they meant oral copulation to be the exact definition of sex when he was asked if he had sex with his intern.

The age of consent by the way is different in every country so really you have to wonder what age is really correct?

Understanding her feelings towards the rape both during and after is all I am really after in the discussion.

You have to figure as well that any way you look at it she was forced and THAT WILL NEVER BE OK.

She was not beaten since she complied with their demands and the story seems to indicate fear of the group of rapists rather than a desire to have hot sex. So I would say that in the end the scum should get put in jail.

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Sorry that happened to you, did you get any counselling and did you tell anyone?

I am so sorry this happened to you .I hope you have reported it .This should never happen to anyone .What a horrid way to be introduced to sex .It can be special and wonderful with the right person .I hope you can at least put this behind you and when the right guy comes along it will be so much better .I wish you all the happiness in the world you deserve it after such a horrible ordeal good luck .

This is just messed up. MAN I HATE GANGS!!!!! So sorry this happened to you

it was scary at the time but thinking back it was hot

really fukin hot! would you relive it given the chance?

I see it now...

hot horsedick4u.. you have some serious issues... just because you have a fetish with a horses genitals, doesn't mean anyone else cares about it.. and yet no know calls you anything different..Are you actually able to get laid with that personality and mentality of yours? Your username is actually an animals genitals? LOL!! A woman is automatically a call because she wouldn't answer a question about her age? it's none of your business.. correct? are you the ep horse police? And if a girl has a picture of her in panties... so what? Are you saying that women that have raped are not allowed to feel sexual and act sexual? Because a brutal crime was committed against them, does not take away their sexuality. Grow up for goodness sakes, or maybe your mentality won't let you...
and about the text slang... you're not texting here... you're typing like here.. and what is text slang? lol