I was gang raped by 7 African men when I was 15 and they were at least double my age it went on for 3 days and in every hole I passed out I don't know how meny times from the pain as they where very very large it happened in gully behind a set of flats and thought I fell preg but thank good I didn't
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I am so sorry to hear about your experience with rape. Know that God loves you and he will always love you no matter what has happened. He loves you more than he loves anyone else. Rape can be traumatizing and I have experienced the same thing but have overcome the trauma and help people who have been effected. You have the power to change people's lives...especially other people who have been affected. God bless you! Remember He loves you and always will! You are an incredible person who deserves the best in life! You are strong, amazing and loved by God! You can keep in touch with me on a regular basis if you want to keep in touch with me. Pray to God so He protects you!

Seperately i paid 3 giganticly hung black men 100 each to film me getting used.they put it on xtube and made dvr copies.i am known around here as a easy target with a round ***..ive been beat up and Robbed for being into gay stuff.ive had sex with around 30 black guys in my area in the last 2 years.ages ranging from teens to 60s..

some people are just stupid.... I am deeply sorry for what happened...

3 days in a gully and nobody noticed ?

I'm soooo sorry to hear that, if you ever want to talk I'm here.

I wood love to hete more