Growing Up With Grampa

When i was four my parents died and my only living relative was grampa. Life was hard at first with no mommy around, but grampa was a natural person in everything he did. We lived on a farm up in Canada , Yukon Territory  We had goats chickens dairy cow sheeps dogs cats horses. It was a paradise for me greowing up . When i was % yrs old Grampa potty trained me. I did real good with going poopie but could never make it in time when i went pee pee. So Grampa let me wear diapers at night and go naked during the day. As it got colder grampa said if i wanted to i could wear diapers all the time. I liked that cause i loved it when my pee would collect in side my nappies and rub against me. i loved the warm feeling it gave me.  Once when i was feeding the horseys Thunder let loose a stream of pee and i couldnt resist it. So i jumped up and ran over to him and crawled under his belly and got soaked all over.
Well Grampa saw this so every time he had to go hed call me over and allow me to get a pee shower from Grampa  I loved those showers the most cause it was Gramps Pee and one Day i opened my mouth to say something and grampa peed in my mouth. I was hooked on the taste at  yrs old. Ill countinue later ive got to go changed. Bye bye 
eligos616 eligos616
46-50, M
Aug 3, 2010