I Got It

I prayed for love. To love and be loved.

It took three years of hard work but my wish came true.

My wish did not happen like in a movie. It didn't happen in a flash.

Three years of working with a psychiatrist, learning to love myself. Learning to care for others. Changing old habits. A LOT of work.

It happen.

Ihave been married for 25 years. I now love her more then ever and she loves me.

We have two boys who are in our circle of love.

I still work hard to keep it going.

Not like the movies. A lot of hard work...DD

Dewduster Dewduster
66-70, M
16 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Yea me too.

I could live with that.

EccentricOne, I hope some one will treasure you and be appreciate you. I hope they give back as much love as you give them.<br />
<br />
Phage, I hope you meet someone who DOES NOT understand you but thinks you are a lot of fun and enjoys giving you money.

Rich husband, girl , whatever! Bring 'um.

Sorry, you only get one wish and rich husband it is, but maybe he will be all you need...DD

Did I say I want a rich husband? I meant to say I want a rich husband who'll bring hot chicks home and have a *********.

Phage and EccentricOne, I hope you both get what you want, seriously.

That's great DD. I do hope to find love one day but it hasn't been successful.

Family? No no no. A rich husband maybe, but reproduction is definitely out.

When you are older you will die for a loving family that will include you...DD

A circle of love with your wife and two boys? Kinky!

maryomaga3, the challenge is there for a reason...DD

I was listen o this song by Bob Marley,,,,Its called can you be Love and be Loved,,,,,I love that song,,,,In my mind he is talking about me,,,,Maybe others feel that way too,,,,about his music,,,,,I think I am going to post that song on my page,,,,Well DD, I am so glad that you now Love your self and your wife,,,,sometimes when I look at all the meaness I see,,,,I want to just give up on loving anything,,,,but I know with my whole heart one day the world will be filled with Loving and Light people who know where they came from,,,and it will be a better world than,,,,so I won't give up on Loving others,,,Love and Light Mary

YES! AND we have to keep working to keep it going. We cannot rely on the "magic" alone to start the flame AND keep itself burning...DD

That is a beautiful story. It also reaffirms my newer belief about love. We 1st make a decsion to love. It doesn't start with the heart or lust.

Thank you...DD