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The Hairbrush

I've written versions of this elsewhere but I feel the need to share it here.

To make a long story short - me and my sister hatedd each other as kids. We started to **** up each others things - breaking toys, writing in front pages of books. It was like a secret war, mom and dad never found out...until one day I damaged something by accident – my sister had one of those old fisher-price record players and I accidently broke the turntable with a skrewdriver – that was after I’d stuck a comb thru the gap under the turntable, just messing around. It was really bad I know, but… when my mom found out she didnt punish me right away, she said she'd deal with me later. I knew from when she said that, that I’d be getting the constipation treatment – and the waiting for it, the anticipation, just made it all seem worse. In the end, after an hour or two, she said “now come with me to the bathroom”. It was the 2-parent spanking routine where I had to bend over dad’s lap, him holding me in place while mom whipped my *** with a slipper.

Then it happened. They pretended like it was spontaneous, but they must've planned it cause they had the little dish of oily melting soap ready. Dad said something about the days when I was younger and they used to spank me with a hairbrush. Then he said “aren't you going to help her "do"?” Mom stopped spanking me, took the hairbrush and dipped the handle in the soap, spread my *** cheeks a little, and pushed the handle all the way up my poor little dooey-chute. Every time they put the soap up there it hurt, but the hairbrush was the hardest thing I’d ever had up the smellhole (at that time!) and – it really hurt! I couldnt believe they'd do that! Mom gave the handle a few twists and turns to spread the soap around, but that wasn't enough for her. She pulled the handle out, and sure enough it came out with a bit of doo on it. So then she took a glycerin suppository and pushed that up my smellhole, and then pushed the handle in 1 more time – just to ramrod the suppository in deeper. Then it was over and I was left alone to sit on the toilet and cry, and feel sorry, and wait to do my doo. An it worked – it made me do a big smelly – but my *** was hurting for a while after it. At least my mom saw that it was too much and she never did that again.

suzisatan suzisatan 31-35 4 Responses Apr 26, 2010

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Have you read the story of Becky Burlison - the babysitter who's been put on the sex offenders' register for doing what my mum did, as a constipation treatment.<br />
No way should this have been interpreted as rape/molestation. Rape means "sexual assault" - this is simply a variant on a common medical procedure. Similar things are done on the childrens' wards in hospitals daily. This could have gone off without any damage - all she did was use the wrong tool: owch, oops, sorry.

wow that must have really been painful

Why not a bit of solid soap instead of the handle of a hairbrush dipped in soap?

I think their sadistic streak just got the better of them

Mom spanked me with a belt. Most times it was spontaneous for