Rectal Suppository Punishment

before i remember when i was young and bad (always lying and cheating neglecting homeworks bad grades and a lot more) about 7-15 years old my mom would put AT LEASE 3 ( morning lunch and dinner ) suppositories each day.
and not including punishments! first i would get spanks because i was naughty then my mom would think i was cranky because i was constipated , so she would always give me a suppository. But as a morning ritual i always get my rectal temp taken then after breakfast the suppository. and the punishments get worse if i answer back and stuff. And did i forget to mention i am diapered 24/7 . and i hate it when i get a diaper rash and the a get spanks then a suppository. ofcourse since we always use suppositories at some point we ran out so i was so happy but then my mom got a soap and made a soap stick. and sometimes as an alternative my mom uses a ginger root! a full root!
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Please send me an email, to share similar experiences. Thanks,,Frank

I have a love/hate relationship with soap sticks, and I have to admit that the ginger root is a favorite. A real turn-on for me.