Suppository After Spanking

I wasn't actually punished with suppositories, but as a boy up to 17 I was spanked bare by my mother and aunt, sometimes in the legs up position. In this position everything was exposed, although there wasn't, much to see as I had delayed puberty. But my aunt noticed I had a small hemorrhoid one day while she was spanking me. She happened to have some anal suppositories that she gave to my cousin for the same problem. I had to wait crying and naked on my back with my bright red bottom burning and with my three female cousins watching, while she got two suppositories. After she came back my Aunt held my legs up and I felt the cold lube first which made me gasp. Then the first one was pushed in between my sore red buttocks. My Aunt strictly told me to push down on it and I gasped again between the tears as it shot up. Then number two. They felt huge and I made an unflattering groaning noise. My cousins started giggling and to my utter humiliation I realized my penis was pointing up in the air, all two inches of it. I then had my bottom wiped and was sent to stand in the corner as usual, allowed to wear only a T-shirt with my bottom burning from the spanking and sore from the suppositories. Iwas of course told that as a naughty little boy it was all for my own good!
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May 22, 2012