I Was Given Punishment Suppositories As A Child

My mother used the "spanking-plus-suppository" punishment because she obssessed about the link between child behaviour and intestinal autointoxication due to constipation.

Because my sister and I were persistently constipated as kids, my parents gradually became fixated on the idea that any misbehavior (rudeness/differneces of opinion, or fighting amongst ourselves) was ultimately caused by constipation, by the fact that we hadn't been doing enough doodoo recently.  And so, increasingly, punishment spankings were accompanied by insertion of suppositories or soap-slivers while we were still over-the-lap.  My mother especially was acutely aware that we found suppository insertion more frightening than spanking with any implement, so this became a favorite punishment.

The thing is, I know her theory has a basis in fact - but that didn't make it any easier to endure!  I used to swear to myself I'd never do the same to my kids when I became a parent, but...

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with 3 girls constant mischief etc to plain misbehaviour, they get spanked with the paddle stick over my lap until they show remorse. I then insert 2 adult size glycerine supposiitries in to the anus pushing my finger firmly into their hole so that they flinch. After leaving my finger in till suppos do their job I march her to the bathroom where their is an enema bag that I prepare. She is not allowed to evacuate her bowels with the inserted glycerine laxatives and must sit on the stool, buttocks firmly together.Enema bag is filled with very cold water with soap. to make it short.I cup of lemmon juice inserted into cold enema bag produces severe crampiing . When Bowels are evacuated she get 2 more litres of hot soapy water and I make her retain this batch for 20 minutes. When I''m through with the punishment, shen is already workingn on her behavioural problems. when she goes to bed I ensure she has a nappy on to avoid bed wetting and soiling and i also give her a mild sedative which she take anualy. a goog night's sleep is assured. when punishment is not needed, the girls get saturday enemas to cleanse internal dross before church the following day. 444madona

do you have more stories ?

Amazing - I thought I lived in a bubble - my next door neighbor's mother gave her smell punishments along with enemas and suppositories in a similar cleansing ritual - very intense...

Hi - thought I'd find you here!

Whatever you do - don't use *that* as a punishment for your kids. It's gross beyond belief.

That just sounds so cruel. I will be waiting to read more and reserve my additional comments until then.