This Was The Ritual

1. u bin a nawty rude lil grl, n I kno why


2. 'cos u haven't dun a smelly 4 days, so

3. i'm gona put a supoztry in u...

4. u need it 2 help u do a smelly, its goin in...

5. no, no, stop, owee!

6. ok, she'l bhave, now she's dun a big smelly


...And that was my childhood for you in a nutshell.  Well, it wasn't really, but I tend to remember this more than the "good times".

NB: The photos are of course found from various places on the internet.  I've tried this before and botched it up, now here's the finished version.

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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Now,I bet,even the mention of words like glycerin,suppository,soap make you feel really happy

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