Always Green

I think I spent half my youth following my dad around the house turning off the lights he left on and asking him not to leave the water running!    I just always felt we shouldn't waste things.  I don't know if it was something I read as a child, or if it was just something I felt inside.   I remember celebrating the first Earth Day with my class in middle school.  We planted trees.    I love trees.   We need more trees! 

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

My father believed when you use your bl<x>inkers in the car and no one was behind you, you were wasting electricity! I about fell out of the car when he got on to me for using the bl<x>inker while I was learning to drive and no one was behind me. I still use it today, any time! Go ahead make the dumb Italian jokes! It was hysterical to me!

Me too! My family reused Christmas wrap year to year, ribbons, bows too. My grandparents went through the Depression and passed on frugal and thrifty behaviors that have always been part of my life. He recycled cans, kept the thermostat down, turned the florescent lights off as we left a room...<br />
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Doing all these things seems like second nature to me, no conversion necessary. And my hubby gets it too.