Yeah, I Guess I Was...

i think it was sometime in high school or maybe i was younger when i starting getting on my whole fight the man schtick.  yeah, i never exactly left that behind me either and part of it was the environment.  i've said it before but the reason i felt good about voting for clinton was his vp pick - gore.  that was my first chance to vote for prez.  felt good.  and i always admired him.

before it was simple things like conserving energy and recycling.  always tried to do things like that.  real simple things.  the good thing about this 'green' movement is that more people are learning about what they can do.  when they find out that little things can help then its easier for them to do something.  like not buying bottled water or using reusable bags in stores.  really simple things.  and there have been more things to learn for those of us that had already been trying to do things that are environmentally-friendly or 'green'.  i've always tried to do 'green' things but i'm still okay with it being considered the cool.  the more the merrier.  jump on the bandwagon because this planet needs all the help it can get. 

and if its cool maybe i'll get fewer weird looks from people who see me do things such as load up my car with recyclables.  maybe i won't have to defend myself as much when i get called 'insults' such as treehugger.  (although i actually take pride in that acussation).   :)

merisszzilla merisszzilla
36-40, F
Feb 15, 2009