Memorable Bus Ride

Hi evry1... One evening I had to go 2 a marriage function. As a result missed My bus to return home. Also no autorickshaws were available and having no alternative , I had to take a public bus . It was already 07.30 p.m . I was waiting for a KSRTC bus after a very long time and felt awkward standing in the crowded queue. After about 15 minutes the bus which was already very crowded arrived & I boarded the bus having no other choice as the journey was almost an hour to home . The bus was totally jam packed & after buying my ticket , I managed to push my way though to stand in the rear / middle of the bus. I was generally irritated , to be travelling in this crowd , but resigned myself to the long drive. After a while , I felt something brush against my bottom & I casually glanced behind to notice a middle aged person of about 50 plus standing behind me , with a shoulder " Jolla" / sling bag .!He too appeared stuck in the crowd . I again felt something brush against my bottom & I realized it was this old man' s hand resting on the " jolla" bag . However , after a few minutes , he brushed his hand a couple of more times & then very casually lets his hand lightly rest on my sari on my buttocks -palm outwards . I was a little taken aback , but decided to ignore it then --- it is a crowded bus & this could be a mistake - however after a few minutes I felt his hand begin to slowly move & lightly caress my buttocks --. I was surprised further & now wondered what to do - this was quite an obvious & deliberate act & I looked around to move away , but there was no place to move in the crowded & cramped bus --- - at the same time I was very uncertain & nervous to create a scene . I then decided to ignore it & also reasoned to myself that till what extent could he possibly try anything ----, what with so many people around & that too in a public place too. I was stuck in my present position . After a few minutes , the old man , gradually became bolder -- he was now slowly & more firmly caressing my bottom and sensing my nervousness & dilemma & lack of resistance on my part, began to now cup my buttocks . I was really stunned by this & very surprised by his boldness & glanced behind & around me to see if anybody had noticed -Nobody else in the crowded bus was aware of what was going on & the old man himself was immediately behind me with a very indifferent & innocent _expression . & I undecided on what to do now , with no space to move away , did not resist . Seeing no protest from me , the old man , now began to now squeeze & knead my buttocks & cup each one. He put his hand on the crack of my buttocks and was now very confidently squeezing each bum . I glanced at the other passengers and no one else was looking at us and were totally unaware of this happening . Given the lack of space to move away I did not protest & allowed him to continue --- The old man was pretty encouraged & , through the saree was now feeling the outline of my panty and then with a finger , tried to slide it under the panty so that he could feel the softness of my buttocks better. Inspite of myself I could feel a little thrill about the whole thing .... letting a strange man touch me in my intimate areas . He now moved his hand to the lower portion of my buttocks and begin to push his finger directly up my anus to now press softly , but urgently on it ---- . I was absolutely stunned by his boldness and inspite of myself , was getting aroused by his acts .None of the other passengers were aware of this and the old man , himself had a very indifferent & bored look ( while his hands were busy on my buttocks ). He was now urgently rubbing his hand over the crack of my buttocks & then pushing his hand & fingers directly onto my anus hole as if to push his hand / finger in . The initial soft caresses of the beginning were now replaced by heavy & confident squeezing & kneading of my buttocks .. I was getting turned on by this intimate act in a public bus. He had realized , that I will not protest , & he moved his hand lower to my side , to caress my legs & thighs & feel their smoothness & firmness and then gradually bought it back to rotate all over my buttocks . At that stage , I leant forward to look outside the window to see if my Bus Stop was coming , & he then sensing the opportunity , swiftly , from behind , put his hand between my legs to now rub me directly on my vagina ... . ..this was too much -- a strange man was rubbing my **** now . After a few moments he removed his hand , and then stood directly , behind me and begin to rub his hard erection through his trousers on my buttocks and with each jerk of the bus , would thrust hard against me . Nervously , I looked around & no one in the crowd was even looking at us .... I suddenly found his hand on my exposed waist and caressing it & holding me for a grip , & was in a slow rhythm along with the bus movement , stroking & rubbing & thrusting hard big **** on my buttocks --- In the crowded bus no one was aware of this & I was pretty excited by then & enjoyed the hardness of his big **** on my buttocks , to slowly also move to push backwards to meet each hard thrust or rub of his **** . This was like simulated lovemaking - I was literally being ****** by a total stranger & that too standing in a crowded public bus ----& none of the other co- passengers realized this erotic act right in their midst.. My stop was fast approaching & I turned to move forward , & he then quickly , moved one hand forward to place it totally upon my ***** from the front and rubbed it hard. While I turned , he then gripped my hand tightly and moved it to place it on the front of his trousers for me to feel the hardness of his erection -- It really was rock hard & I then quickly moved forward & got off at my stop. I glanced behind & saw he was still in the bus. I was pretty surprised at this experience --- In a crowded public bus , a strange man had deliberately & intimately touched my private parts ---- caressed , squeezed , cupped , kneaded my buttocks & fingered my arsehole & I had let him to do so and nobody else in the bus was aware of this lustful act .He rubbed his erect **** on my buttocks , rubbed my **** -- I could not help myself from being highly aroused by this encounter & admitted to myself that I had enjoyed it..The whole thing would have lasted not more than 20 -25 minutes.
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aah you must have enjoyed it thoroughly naa... and u walked out of d bus with that wet driupping puzzzyy

love you so much...I am a boy wh lves to caress the *** of a lady wearing saree.... If I was tha man.I would have lifted your saree

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that old man was too lucky to have found you.

i love how you find nice hard ***** to play with when you ride the bus, you make my **** swell and throb for you when i read about your adventures mmmm id love to lick my fresh *** out of your dripping wet ***** mmmmmm

It woud feel so deliciou to rub you that my pants would be very bulky too, maybe I would have been a little bolder and lift the saree a little more....hehe...

I would have been also very appreciative of your little hand grabbing my erection.. maybe squezing it and pulling it slightly... glad you found it arousng


I wish more girls like you travel in public transport, such harmless fun are safe and non committal and give old male / female to mingle with young and vice versa without any harm to anyone just pleasure!! do trvel more often and loose your inhibition!!

Thanks for share such great story

Also a add would be a good idea! waiting to see more of you!

you are an extremely horny one! you made me *** by the time you got off at your stop. i would love to live around you so that at every oppurtunity we can **** like horny people! muuuuachhhhhh!

Let me know when you want to do this again but this time with about 25-26 years younger C**k of mine

I encourage my wife to travel by train or bus knowing that they will be very crowded and that she will be fondled and groped but will find it to hard to prevent it or stop it from happening. As such am sure she will do what you did and stand there and let it happen.
I have positioned her on crowded trained in such a way that I know she will be touched and have watched her letting it happen whilst she has no idea that I love the idea of strangers touching her in this way.

Tell me when your wife is going to travel by train ......I will be there to help you and your wife

I wish i find a husband that will let me **** other men at will.. Would love to be a husbands slutwife.

well it certainly sounds as if you have some nice bus rides. good stories I have read four of them. and I am going to add you to my circle of friends.

I wish to travel in every that bus in which u r there....................WOW I Shaged twice

Where do U live Beautiful I sure would love 2 ride the bus with U & get my **** nicely up inside U !! Please add me .

a nice narrator...:) u wrote it in much erotic way.. did u enjoy it? though it happened with out your permission...

wow nice story. you make me so horny. i manage to make my trip by crowded bus today.

i do it when i get the chance. great story.

I'm not sure that I'd have lasted that long.

God baby, you made my day, hot story and can almost feel i was there, and wish I was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your total!

You are a lucky girl! Your story is so erotic and so sexy!<br />
More people should do such naughty things to others in public: groping their boobs, groping their buttocks, putting fingers in their anus, rubbing their *******, licking their wet *******, stroking their hard *****, sucking their hard *****, putting their hard ***** in wet *******, making sex everywhere, and so on...<br />
All people should wear sexy clothes, what ever they want to wear. Public sex and public ************ should be natural like breathing air or drinking water. The people should smile if they watch aroused men/women or ******* couples.<br />
I think could be a paradise if that dream would come true. I think there is a correlation: more sex, less violence! What do you think?<br />
Thanks for sharing that fantastic story. :)

I agree. I always dress in short skirts and low cut tops with no bra or panties waiting to get groped, fingered and f****d by random men. I love the feeling of standing in a crowded space with all eyes looking at me and men rubbing and groping my bit **** and ***.

mmmm, that story got me particularly hard. The thought of fingering your tight arsehole has me throbbing. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Would love to see you sitting on a seat in the train. I would sit on you in a skirt with no panties and **** you in front of everyone.

sexy it real....

That is an erotic story, thank you for sharing..