I Was Not Expecting To Go This Far...

Over the years I have had many experiences of public fondling almost all of them relished by me.
Public transport being what it is here, crowded and slow, I have frequent urges and great opportunities. I prefer buses because of tighter packing and more stop and go. Also, many buses have defective interior lighting. I always wear flimsy, loose-fitting, baggy shorts with an elastic waistband that end at mid thigh and a t-shirt that just clears me in an unaroused state--and nothing else. I also lube the rear entry...just in case! Rush hour can be actually three or longer. I pick a bus that is very crowded and has only a few lights on. There are many of these and I can often do two or even three round trips getting in a dozen or so fondles and gropes.
This bus was more than full, with people hanging off the steps. They always step off so you can get on or off and climb on again when the bus starts to move again. This one also had only two or three lights on inside.
I squeezed in, distinctly feeling more than one clutch at my rear as I wiggled my way forward. I managed to wedge myself in tight against a pole just ahead to two guys who were seated. The one by the window appeared to be asleep in the dim light. The one on the aisle held a file folder in his lap with one hand and the edge of the seat ahead of him which was just next to the pole with the other. Along with the swaying of the bus I let my groin push against this hand. This was important since it revealed my nakedness under the flimsy material. It was then, literally, out of my hands!
The effect was immediate as he pushed back against me. We played this game a few times and my arousal became obvious to him. Letting go of the edge of the seat he now grasped the pole and slid his hand upward. This caused my shorts to ride upward and he gleefully let go of the metal pole and grasped the hardening flesh in a surprisingly large hand. The stroking and squeezing picked up tempo as the bus itself began to move less frequently on account of the traffic.
As I became more aroused and began to thrust with his strokes he became bolder and pulled me clear of the shorts. The squeezing became tighter and stroking rougher and twisting. Now he began to cup my balls and I felt a finger reach backward. Spreading my knees slightly I squatted a bit giving him easy access. This guy could not believe his luck as I pushed down letting it sink in all the way to his palm. Slowly he began to slide it in and out, then faster, first with one finger then with two, maybe even three. I was past caring, now consumed with lust and the thrill of this very public foreplay. I was oblivious to time and everything else around me.
The man standing next to me started to move away and he quickly pulled me closer by my fully exposed but hardly visible ****. Then I hit the jackpot. Bending forward he took me into his mouth began to suck me furiously and at the same time thrust his finger deep in my ***. I lost all control and exploded in his mouth. He swallowed and sucked till I was drained, wiggling his finger inside me all the time. As I subsided he took his hand away, pulled down the shorts and began to lick his fingers clean.
I squeezed his shoulder and decided to get off at the next stop. I did not do two trips today. But the real jackpot will be someday when two guys bracket me in a similarly crowded bus and actually pull that pair of shorts off so it drops at my ankles. One will enter me from behind and the other puts his between my thighs. How to reach down and put the shorts back on again?
What if they rip it off or kick it away or even take it away with them? I get goosebumps just think of it and strangely wish it would actually happen. I know I would pay a very, very high price for it.
TropicMoon TropicMoon
61-65, M
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Thanks. It was many years ago!