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Groped By A New Friend On Vacation

On a recent vacation, a cruise, I met several new people whose company I enjoyed.  Many of them were cursory acquaintences given the cruise environment, but the opportunity to meet new people and get to know them is one of the things I like about traveling.  There were two couples traveling together in the two cabins next to mine, which I shared with other single travelers.  The couples were very gregarious and we quickly came to know one another.  On the last night of the cruise, we all went ashore together for a little nightlife. 

There were about seven of us just visiting a couple of bars and drinking shots and beers.  I was braless, as I prefer to be, in a t-shirt and jeans.  It was a chilly evening and naturally, my nipples were on constant perky display through the sheer cotton shirt.  When our waiter needed a little persuation to serve us another round of shots, I hopped off my barstool in my already tipsy mood and moved over to where he was standing and asked if he would reconsider as I lifted my shirt, giving him a good look then rubbed my bare ******* on his tight chested t-shirt.  My friends laughed and he conceded.

A few moments later, after I'd returned to my seat, I felt one of our gregarious neighbors reach under my shirt and slide his hand up to my bare breast, give it a nice quick grope and when I turned to him, smiled at me.  I looked over at his wife, who also smiled.  I, in turn smiled back at them both.

Not long after, another cruise acquaintance popped into the bar and came to sit with us.  When the shots arrived, my friends shared with the latest arrival how it is that we got served despite our somewhat obvious drunken state.  Naturally, the latecomer was disappointed to have missed that show, so upon the urging of my friends, I lifted my shirt again, this time for our friend to see.  At this point, I was having fun with it and I took the lime and rubbed it between my bare breasts and salted the area, putting the lime wedge in my mouth and offering him the tequila shot inviting him to enjoy it, which he happily did.  My groping friend took advantage of that opportunity to grab anot her handful of ***** before I slid my top back down.  This time, everyone smiled.

In the ensuing time thereafter, we posed for a few group photos, a memory of our fun evening out together, some with bare breasts exposed and some not.  Again, my groping buddy took advantage of holding my breasts and pinching my nipples (so they would show nicely in the photos, of course). 

When we finally returnd to the ship, as we were getting back to our cabins, during the long walk down the corridore, my friend reached from behind and cupped both of my breasts one last time, giving them a fun gentle squeeze and a quick kiss on  my cheek.  At that point, I just took off my shirt entirely and smiled, happy to be back from our fun night out.  He didn't miss a beat at that, he leaned down, as we were still walking and put his face in my chest and gave me a quick suck on one of my **** as he tweaked the other.  Then he kissed me on the cheek again and all of us said our goodnights.  I was invited to their cabin for more fun, but I was way too drunk and entirely too exhausted, so I slurrily, though politely declined. 

This is a very happy memory for me, from this trip.  I only wish it would happen every time I travel or go out for the evening!

happynakedchick happynakedchick 51-55, F 12 Responses May 23, 2010

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It's like Mardi Gras all year long for you! I love it.

I've never done Mardi Gras in the French Quarter, but I am sure I would like it very much. The idea of random groping of my bare breasts by many strangers is a real turn on for me!

There is an exhibition hall in SF you go through this maze in complete darkness. Friends would take a birthday entourage there and have been known to get naked inside and there would be lots of groping in the dark. Sounds like it would be perfect for you. But they would be friends, not strangers.

Letting ourselves enjoy these risque' experiences makes us feel so much more Alive and Vibrant !
We can always find the opportunities to do so, if we open ourselves to them.

You have some really great adventures.

Love your exhibitionism! He was very bold. Either his wife is one of the coolest most understanding wives in the history of wives, or they were swingers and wanted more. Did that ever cross your mind? What would you have done if they had asked you back to their room?

His wife was open to his interest in me. When we were in the bar and he reached for my *****, I looked at his wife and she smiled indicating her comfort with his behavior. She had a great set of knockers that she also showed off that night. I would have enjoyed going back to their cabin but I was really wiped out and I would like to have enjoyed it if I'd had more energy. They were fun, it would have been a great nightcap, if only I weren't expecting to pass out as soon as my head hit a soft surface!

I wud have loved to have been cruising
with you . Next time? kwikfox

Sounds awesome! I'd love to be groped that much on a night out :) totally jealous

I hope that it happens for you tonight.

good times - you sound like a fun gal . sd

Great Story Happy - let me know next time you are going on cruise which line it is! hahaha

Wow, you're stories are brilliant, I'm constantly aroused when reading them.

I want to be where you are. Sounds like great fun.

Sounds like a great time on that trip.<br />
Sounds like fun and i understand why you like it to happen all the time.<br />
<br />
Bare Hugs<br />