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He Put His Hand Inside My T-shirt

A couple of years ago I was staying at my friend's house. I knew her from school but hadn't met her parents until that night. Her mom picked us up after a birthday party and as it was a good bit from my house I was having a sleepover at their house. It was great cause they had a spare room with a nice big double bed far better than my single one at home. I enjoyed sleeping in it and must've slept on because when I woke up my friend's dad was sat on the edge of the bed looking down at me. I looked down and my t-shirt was lifted slightly exposing my belly and part of my right breast. He said, 'good morning my name is Jim,' and he set his hand onto my bare belly. I smiled and said something like hello and the. He said, 'did you sleep well?' I nodded and told him the bed was lovely to which he replied. 'you are lovely.' he then slipped his hand inside my t-shirt and started feeling my boob. 'you have lovely **** girl' he said and I thanked him. Then he pushed up my t-shirt and exposed my chest. 'cracking nipples too' he said then he asked me was I a virgin. I giggled and said no and he asked me if I wanted to see his ****. I shrugged my shoulders and said 'ok.' He finally stopped squeezing my boobs and opened his jeans taking out his big ****. 'have a feel' he said so I did. 'it's big' I said when I held it tight it my hand. 'why don't you suck it' he said so I bent over and sucked it for a bit. I stopped because he kept bucking up into my mouth and I was thirsty for some water. I lay back on the bed and he sucked and licked at my left nipple. He told me he loved my nipples and I blushed. Then he lifted the covers away and saw I was just wearing panties. He lifted the elastic and looked inside. 'lovely and smooth' he said. When he snapped the elastic back I nearly jumped and then he stood up and looked all over me. 'I'd love to ride you' he said. I didn't know what to do or say so I just lay there then he said 'where's your phone?' I pointed to my handbag and he lifted it up for me. I sat up and when he put his **** away he sat beside me again and continued to play with my **** as he instructed me to put his number into my phone under the name V. He told me to text him anytime I felt horny and he would **** me any time I wanted. I thanked him and then he left the room. It was two weeks before I sent V a text
juicyjuggs juicyjuggs 18-21, F 11 Responses Feb 10, 2012

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Wow! You are amazing and best way to start the day ;)


that was nice of you. you could have screamed. do you have big *******?

Great story thanks for sharing.

Damn, I wish u had my # under V ;p

your awesome!!! Hot story

JJ, you are outstanding. Always a treat to read what you have to write. What's up with the two week wait?

I wasn't sure because she was my friend that I was gonna **** he dad but on the end I thought with my ***** not with my head

That's why I think I would love your ***** so much.

Erotic story. i bet you really enjoy waking up that's a great way to start the day. :)

That is so hot - a great way to wake up in the morning!

wow thats hot how come i cant get such offers? how many times have you 2 ****** hunni and was it good?<br />
<br />
<3 amber

Just once

oh really was it not good?

&lt;3 amber

So what happened once you texted him?

Read my story

I didn't see the other story. I'll go read it now ;)