Unexpected Hands

I was staying at my friend's house. I have known her for a few years now and enjoy spending time there. She is married to a lovely man. They have a great relationship and I like being in their company. That changed one Sunday morning. I was stood in their kitchen like many a morning before. Wearing a long t-shirt that I had worn to bed I had all my bits covered. He came in, her husband. I was making coffee. 'Would you like one?' I had to ask. He said 'Yeah' and then slipped his arms around my waist. I was comfortable with that. We hugged many times. He rested his head on my shoulder. 'Heavy night?' I asked him. He had been out with his mates while his wife and me stayed in and watched Sex and the City on DVD. We had downed a few bottles of wine and I figured she was in bed nursing her hangover too. He said he also had one two many but as I stirred the cream into his coffee I felt him holding me still and tighter than before. He let go when I handed him his coffee. He stepped away. I slid up onto the kitchen counter and held my coffee in both hands. We chatted about last night and then he left to visit the John. When he returned I had just set my cup down when he approached. He looked at me different and said he needed another hug. I wondered if maybe he'd been a bad boy last night and was feeling guilty. I lifted my arms and he slid his around me. He pulled me close, real close. My legs were open and opened wider as his body pressed against mine. His hands gentler felt all over my back and then slid downwards. I closed my eyes. He yanked my t-shirt and slid his hands inside. They went up my bare back. It felt strange but nice and soft. Then without warning his hands slid around from my back to my front and groped me. I pushed him off. 'What are you doing?' 'Just having a feel' 'What if your wife walked in?' 'She won't she is fast asleep.' I bounced off the counter and tutted. I walked away but he grabbed my arm to stop me. I was stood with my back to him when his hands ran up inside my t-shirt again feeling and groping my boobs. We stood like that for a few minutes and his hands wandered everywhere, and I mean everywhere! Then I said, 'Are you done?' He said not yet and I felt his fumbling behind me. Then I felt his **** touching my *** and I went to step forward but he held me tightly and said, 'wait a minute.' It was a long minute. His **** rubbed against my *** and his hands groped me all over. I was afraid he would try to poke it in me but he didn't. He just rubbed it between my cheeks until he came up my back. 'Are you done now?' 'Yes thanks,' he said and I went upstairs for a shower. Now I feel like I can't stay over at my friends house anymore.
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11 Responses Sep 23, 2012

that sucks. did you tell his wife?

Love this story!

Sounds like the guys who use women as sex objects... didn't think once what you're feeling or respect your objection... hmmmphh! Yeah... stay home, stay safe...

That is a lucky man, for you to allow him to do that... But he shouldn't have since you were uncomfortable with that.

That is sexy! Did you like being touched and helping him get off?

How bold, he must not care if his wife finds out or not.

did you ever tell her? what he did is not right

i cant say i wouldnt have done the same

What a jerk but glad to read you and her are still friends. :)

What a scum bag that guy turned out to be....
Are you and her still friends?

Yes but I don't stay over anymore

lucky he didn't rape you -maybe you should discuss this with your friend

I don't think so. Have you ever heard the expression 'don't shoot the messenger?' in my experience the messenger always gets shot