Groped By My PE Coach

When I was 14, I always noticed my coach in gym class watching me when we were exercising, and I figured he probably shouldn't be, but didn't think too far into it. He was relatively young (maybe 30?) and seemed nice enough otherwise.  He'd talk to me and always smiled a lot so I thought he was a pretty cool guy.  One day after class (which was the last period), I had stayed late helping him put the mats away and clean up.  I walked home so I wasn't in a hurry.  It was just him and I left in the gym.

I had sat down on the bleachers for a minute and he sat down next to me, making small talk.  I had said something about eating fast food, and he replied that I had such a good figure, I could probably eat whatever I wanted.  I blushed and said thanks, and kind of blew it off.   

He then said "You're really developed for your age!" and I don't think I said anything at first, I was just kind of confused as to why he said that, and no sooner had I stammered than he followed it with "What size bra do you wear anyway?  B?  C?"  and he was looking right at my chest when I said it.  I laughed nervously and said "oh my god!" and just blushed and didn't really answer him, and he said "oh come on, you can tell me!  How big are you now?" and I think I laughed nervously again and still didn't answer.  I had NO idea what to say and was hoping that would be the end of the conversation I guess.  

All of a sudden he said "let me see, what kind of bra are you wearing?" and before I knew it, he'd lifted up my t-shirt up to my neck and my bra was exposed right in front of him.  I shrieked and tried to pull my shirt down, but he was holding it up.  He said "hey, that's a pretty bra!  I like the lace!" and I was just saying "Oh my god!!" and trying to pull my shirt down incredulously.  He said "you've got really nice boobs you know!" and reached out with one hand and cupped my right breast through my bra (it wasn't a padded bra and he could feel everything).  He had just as quickly slid that same hand (while still almost forcefully holding my shirt up) inside the bra on my left side and was feeling my bare breast and playing with my nipple.  

I finally found my voice and said "HEY!  Stop it!!" and he let go of my shirt and gave a little laugh and said "okay okay, I was just teasing you, relax".  I glanced down and noticed he had a big erection tenting his shorts.  I straightened my bra and shirt and said I had better go.  I left, and told one of my close friends (she went to a rival highschool and didn't know him) the next day, but never my parents.

I still wonder if he's doing that to other girls in his class.
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the least u cd have done was to file a report against him so that even if nothing happened but other girls wd kno ab it n be on their guard.

Nervous enough about Jr High, now this. After volleyball I was the last in the shower. As I washed my hair I felt hands cupping my ping pong ball sized breasts. It was my coach. I tried turning around but he quickly pulled me to him. I could feel his penis in my butt. He reached in my front and groped my breasts hardening my nipples. I've never had feelings like that. He then rubbed my stomach and pushed his finger into my navel. Finally he rubbed my crotch. I don't know why but my legs spread without me thinking if it. I moaned loudly as his finger slipped inside of my vagina then pumped in and out. I realized then that I was being fingered. This is our secret, he said as he left. I'm not sure what to do.

Report him to your parents, the principal, and the police. Or just enjoy it.

did you like it when he fingered you?

I can relate with how you felt. Its not nearly so easy as all the other comments were saying about reporting it. You are embarrassed, humiliated and just want that to go away. I had something like that happen to me to when I was 14.

Absolutely report that ********* to the police for criminal action and removal from teaching again. Also, tell your parents and have your father pay the sob a visit. This will get his attention for sure.

You definitely should have reported him, it's quite probable he assaulted other girls. It's one thing when you are the equal of someone groping you, but he was a teacher (like me) and should have shown you more respect.

It may be quite informative to find out how many girls he assaulted in a similar manner.
Often these cases add up into a significant case!