Just Last Weekend

I'm in college and I live in this house with roommates off-campus and we pretty much party every weekend. Well, last weekend I was at this party and I didn't know who's house it was and I'm not sure which one of my roomies did but anyway -- I waited in the line for the bathroom for a couple minutes before I actually got to go in - I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, opened the door to leave and this guy was standing in the hallway.  He grabbed my arm, not hard enough to hurt me, but pretty forcefully, and pulled me through the hallway. The house was pretty big and had an L-shaped hallway, he took me around the corner and pushed me up against the wall and put his hands up my shirt and squeezed my nipples between his fingers. (As I'm sure you can see in my pics, I don't always have to wear a bra, so it was pretty easy for him).  I was pretty drunk and I just let him do it, because, truth me told, it felt great.  It went a little further than groping though because next thing I knew he had a finger in my ***** n was rubbing my **** with his thumb. He made me *** pretty quickly, all over his hand.  He asked me if he could take me in the bedroom. I declined. I didn't even know the guy.  I kind of felt bad for him, but he did just totally feel me up without asking, so, he shouldn't have assumed.  I hope he found some *** that night. LOL.

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Hot story, You enjoying college life?

Very sexy, thanks for sharing

Stop being a sluт.

just saw your pics in your album... if i were that guy, I would have sucked on those wonder-mounds too!

good for you... drinking, and ******* without risk of pregnancy... where would you find such a guy who would be nice enough to make you *** and go his way? :P

Love this!!!

I don't think a ******* would have been out of the question, especially if you returned the
favor in the same spot of the hall.

You could have at least sucked his ****!

He is lucky he got that much... Can't be greedy! ;-)

wow lucky guy

I'm glad is was good for you.

I'm glad is was good for you.

it was ok

At least he found a nice bald *****, that should make him happy in spite of the blue balls... lol

No, it wasn't illegal. Nowhere did the author say she aske/told him to stop, so she assented. After the event she admits she enjoyed it....the anticipation that she would is why she gave consent implicitly.

out of the blue groping is always unexpected, its the follow up that takes one to a higher level that makes the first time a memory.

I agree with all three of the comments. 1) Besafe 2) Don't be a victim 3) But if you like the sex, see no.1 and 2.

what a ****. definitely my kind of girl ;)<br />
<br />
wish more girls were openly slutty like that

That`s definitely kinky and borderline illegal [pending debate on your consent].Just realize you've empowered him to do it again with someone perhaps not so willing as you. And you may've opened up new future taboos of your own in the process. My advice is to watch the alcohol levels next time.

In any caase whether you were drunk or not, was considdered sexual assault. Short from rape. Now I;m not sure the nature of this but if this had happened to my daughter and I'm a dad of 6 young ladies. Speaking in referance to my daughters, if that happened to them, I would have felt so hurt because some guy felt he could do anything he wanted. I think if it didn't bother you, you wouldn't have posted your story. What scares me is, if this guy comes looking for you and goes even furthwer whther you want it or not, you could either get STD or become pregnant. I'm not a cold fish in any respect, but the thing is, I would have asked instead of assume. I just hope that you don't become a victom.