I Stepped On A Bee And Got Smacked In The Head.

It started just like any other day. Got through my morning routine okay then headed off to my first elderly client. A very nice , but talkative women with Dementia. Now, she was having a bad day. She got very riled up by some small thing and began to rant and rave about me being some kind of mind controlling spy. Well eventually I got her calmed down and left to take on the next client.
I was rolling merrily down the main street of our little town thinking about something irrelevant when...Bam! Something in my car engine gave out and I stopped in the middle of the road.I Was able to roll over to the side and call my mechanic and a tow truck. 
It was crazy trying to get home because I lived in a rural farming area and buses are infrequent to never. It began to pore down rain and after walking several miles I got home but was soaked to the skin. Then I realized that I had planned to do some shopping on my afternoon break and had nothing to eat in the house.
Finally the weather cleared a little and I ventured out again, I knew there were some buses running on a water side road across the highway, I would have to cross this very high over the highway walkway that I had never been over before and I had a bit of vertigo...so I closed my eyes, held onto the rail and felt my way along. Right around the middle of the overpass my foot caught on something and a shoe fell off, I just could not open my eyes and stop to put on the shoe at that height so I felt for the shoe, picked it up and continued on. Just as I got to the end of the pass I felt this horrible pain in my foot, I thought I had stepped on a nail, finally was able to stop and open my eyes and lift up my foot and there was a bee stuck to my sock. If you have ever been stung on the underside of your foot you will know what I mean when I say,I would rather go to the dentist for a filling. owwwwwwwwwwww!
Then I get down to the road where the buses stop and there is a temporary sign posted at the stop saying because of construction the buses have been diverted to the other side of the highway...Damn, this was turning into a Really bad day.
I took out my cell phone and called a taxi, while I  was waiting my mechanic called to tell me that the engine was blown in my five year old car...at least $3000.00 to replace it. Well as you can see by the nature of my work I travel led from client to client and would not be working again until I either got the car fixed or found another. I also don't earn a lot and so like most of us I was living pay cheque to pay cheque and was not going to be able to fix or replace the car.Now usually I'm a pretty positive person but depression was knocking at my door...
Off I go in the cab to the local grocery store and get as many things as I can carry and head out to a bus stop around the corner, after a few minutes a bus comes and the driver tells me the closest he or any bus for that matter goes to my place is about fifteen country blocks. Well, I guess I have no choice and as I am sitting on the bus I have now opened the door to depression and am thinking about finding a new job where I don't have to have a car and what am I going to do about the four thousand dollars I still owe on this one. The driver yells out that it is my stop and as I am getting off i see that most of the distance to my place is up hill. I want to just stop there , drop my grocery bags and cry my eyes out, I am on a high traffic road and do not relish everyone driving by witnessing my major breakdown so promise myself that if I can just make it home I will crawl into bed and cry all afternoon.
I am thinking to myself  "Oh God, what have I done to deserve this,where did I go wrong, Why is this happening" When BAM! I get smacked in the back of the head.....Awwww **** I think "God,you didn't have to smack me in the back of the head"   I'll get over myself, sheesh...When from a truck that was stopped at the red light came a male voice, He said .."Over there, on the electrical wire, I think he was after your blue-tooth" He pointed up and I saw a crow sitting on the wire..."It must be nesting time" said the driver as he pulled away.   I felt my ear and found the blue-tooth I had forgotten I had on and removed it, felt the back of my head for blood and looked again at the crow and I swear it sounded like it was laughing at me. i must have been quite a sight, overloaded with my bags, hobbling with my sore foot, holding my hand to the back of my head as I trudged up the hill to home where I would finally be able to let myself fall apart for a day. 

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Awwww thanks Marji...I have my latest story...called I go back and forth like a diner waitress on roller blades.<br />
Your my hero !