Hit and Run

On the night of the Ohio State vs. Univ of Texas football game last year in Austin, I was hit by a car while on my pedicab riding people around.  I had just picked them up from the game area which is about a mile from downtown.  I was taking them down Congress ave and I was in the left lane.  Next thing I know I heard a huge crunching sound and I was laying on the ground in the middle of the street.  I look up and see my passengers got thrown from the cab onto the other side of the yellow line, on-coming traffic.  Fortunately all the cars coming on the other side stopped.  The car that hit us was a nice looking mercedes or BMW.  I was dazed from being hit, got up and turned around just in time to see this car taking off.  I was pissed and tried to run after it but it was gone.   My passengers still gave me a $25 tip.  I tried to refuse it but they put it down on my cab so I couldn't refuse.  Also, after I was trying to clear my stuff out of the roadway some car honked at me.  I got out in front of the whole line of traffic and gave him the bird.  It was the most public middle finger I've ever had.  That night was dangerous.  It was the biggest football game of the year and people had been drinking/tailgating for many hours and for some even days.  Another girl from my company got hit also (nearly in the same place I was hit on Congress) and she was hurt pretty badly.   Broken ankle, one of her passengers had a head injury.  That was a pretty terrible night.  I went and drank my blues away after being hit.  I had already made $300 and it was only 11:30 pm.  I didn't think I was hurt until 2 day later.  I woke up the next day and didn't feel too much pain, just soreness.  Then on Monday I woke up to a swollen right hip, more brusies than I thought.  My hip took a couple of months to heal.  I was walking kinda funny for a while though I could still ride my bike.
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4 Responses Jun 19, 2007

ROFL, Sid and Luci! This piece should be Rated R for the violence here!

No, I haven't seen that but I'll keep that in mind. I've sure wanted to kick some people's car doors in a few times but haven't thought of a rock through the back glass. Great idea!

Have you ever seen the movie Sorority Boys? The part where the car drives by and the guys whistle at him and he big up a big rock and hurles it to the back glass and car wrecks, it's the funniest **** ever!!! Next time that how I would retaliate.

Ouch!! Good thing you did not get worse injuries