Didn't See Me


Or so he claimed. 

It was early afternoon on a cloudy day. A light drizzle was starting to fall, but the pavement was still dry when I started heading back to the house.  I was riding on a city street doing close to 20 in a 25mph zone.  The visibility was good and traffic was light.  I could see a car coming toward me slowing down for the side street to my right, though his turn signal wasn't on.  Somehow, I knew he wasn't quite sure what he was doing as I went through the intersection.  I had almost cleared it when I heard this crunch as I was being thrown to the ground.   I landed on knees and elbows (didn't really need the helmet I was wearing) and quickly rolled out of traffic to the side of the road.  Only then did I see my shattered bike lying in pieces in the street. 

The driver continued rounding the corner before coming to a stop a hundred yards down the road.  On aching legs, I awkwardly ran over to him, gained my composure and asked for his license.  I didn't give it back to him until the police arrived.

Turns out he had been driving for less than a year and had the car for only a week.  I'll bet his insurance company didn't like paying out for totalled custom bike.


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2 Responses Nov 9, 2009

Dern, that hadda hurt! :O THanks for the descriptive, slightly humorous account, though! :D

My son and son-in-law were also hit while on bikes. One driver was even at the wheel of a school bus and never even stopped. Thank God you are alive today!