Once For Each Year of My Life, Except This One... O_o

I, too, was struck by vehicles of varying variety:  as it so happens, once for every year of my life - save this one.  Not sequentially, mind you... but 28 times, all told.

My first strike (odd coincidence) was also at age six, in the parking lot down the street from my Mother's apartment.  I stepped off the curb in front of her and was promptly run down by someone who banked and came up too fast.  He slammed his brakes, and bumped me (I was facing the car after it came 'round the lane-end, getting "mad wheel" - as I believe the argot goes); next I knew, I was lying half-under his front end (a trans-am... I remember thinking after seeing Knight Rider one day that the original KITT had run me down).

Pedestrian strikes:  15.  Bicycle meets car:  7.  Truckbutt (that's Truck + Headbutt, pervs ^_~):  1.  Unexplainable vehicular phenomenon (such as being run over by my own car):  5.

::knocks on wood::  Here's to hoping I can make it to March without adding to the total. ^_^*
NotWilliamShatner NotWilliamShatner
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You have more lives than a cat!!