Still Experiencing Ptsd After Many Years.

In 1992, while riding a bicycle, I was hit, dragged and run over by a car. Too many injuries to list right here, but I will post them somewhere else when I have more time.

I believe I am still having trouble with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and was hoping to meet other people who might be experiencing the same thing. It just doesn't seem to go away and other people can't understand it either.
ChadForeman ChadForeman
1 Response Nov 26, 2011

your not the only one mate,,,and yes its something i still struggle with,,,even after 18 yrs,,,,i wont cross a road unless all traffic is stopped,,,and i still get shivers when i hear of anyone getting hit by any vehicle,,,and my nightmares wont stop either,,,i understand you ,,have only found this site,,,wish i found it years ago,,,i may have stayed strong,,,but noone to understand my pain was the killer,,,