Motherless Daughter

I'm a 24 year old female from the bay area, California and I have a four month old baby that doesn't have is grandmother around because back in December 10 of 2010 my mother was on her way to church when she had forgot a bag of clothes I donated to the church. So my mother was walking back from the other side of the street in the crosswalk when a car had stopped for her, and gave gave her her right away but a dark blue/purple mini van went around the park car that was stopped and hit my mother and the van had slowed down but then took off. This happened mid-day 5:24pn and nobody got a license plate or any information. My mother unfortunately later on that night was pronounced dead due to traumatic brain injury!....I didn't find this out until the next day due to my grandmother saying she tried to call me before she decieded to take her off life support. PLEASE Oprah STAFF READ THIS, I have struggled my whole life dealing with mother being on and off drugs and I have seen it all from needles in my mothers house men in and out of her life abusing her and just about everything that's horrific. my life has been an up and down roller coaster. My mother used to abuse me as a child and used to leave me at home to care for my two year old brother. I had to steal from stores to get food and I had to beg for money on the streets for me and my brother to survive. I just want a chance to tell my story and it is an intense one. I tired to help my mom countless times throughtout the years to get her better from her diaese. She never wanted help from anybody she was practically dead. But in October of 2009 I had went tomy mother up from the police because she and the druggie man/BF where stealing lawnmowers and tools so i took her home with me and I couldn't stand to see her homeless or look at her like that, so I told myself I wasn't gonna give up and I know how you guys don't like to give up on the show . So I told my mom she could come stay with for a while since she had lost her condo about a month prior but there where going to be some rules and things that needed to happen. I took my mom to the methadone clinic everyday for about a month, I let her detoxic in my house where she was still sneaking shots I bought cases of waters and threw out any alcohol I ever found and god bless the lord my mom became of November 2009 I found a AA place for her to go to and she became clean once again, my mother kept going to meetings, she was cleaning herself up, she got back on her feet and got a new place to live. I was so happy that after all these years of growing up I finnialy got my mother back. I had been waiting 22 years. My mother went to church everyday. Helped other people out when she didn't a a penny to give. My mother was back we spent time together we had family gatherings that whole year!...I was so mother had one year sobriety and she was herself again. My mother was a woman of Christ again. Do you know how hard it is for me to wake up everyday not having her because I was wanting her back all these years and I had finally got her but then someone selfishly took her away by driving like a manic. Police didn't even do hard investigation due to lack of police force in Antioch C.A. It has been a year and five months since my mothers death and all the detective tells me is that her clothes are in pennyslivina being investigated. They had found a lady who had the same description of the veicle and damage that fits the description of the car involved. When given a polygraph test she failed all answer due to being at the scene and my mother!!...justice needs to be served and I need help please overview my story! It's so hard being a new mother and not having your mother around to be there when you need her the most!...I never gave up on my mom and still do not want to!...I've always just wanted a family of my own. 
Juju143 Juju143
May 16, 2012