Scooter + Car=bad

You first need to understand I drive an electric 3 wheel scooter (similar to electric carts in grocery stores) . Where I live there are lost of sidewalks, and I take myself to stores often. I was driving along, and I noticed a black car was backing out very slowly of a driveway. Driver appeared to see me, so I continued along. Only to realize that the car was still backing up. It hit my chair, and there was this horrid crunch. I was first worried about my chair. So I am laying on the side of the street, I push myself into a sitting position, and was checking for big injuries. The driver comes over, we both apologize, and she helps me up, and back into my chair. She then offers to get me cleaned up. I realize I forgot my crutches, so I have her bring the supplies outside. While waiting, another family member came out, with a cute little girl. I talked to her for a bit. They helped me get cleaned up, and i continued home. Large scrape on L elbow and forearm 3 band-aid wide) and a scrape on my back . It happened less than 2 hours ago, so I am still in shock.
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2 Responses May 18, 2012

You should be careful when you find a woman is driving :)

Hahahahahahahaha. :)

Don't you have a horn that you can use on your scooter?

Yes, but it is a pathetic horn. Might as well not be there, for all the good it does.

: / sorry to hear about your accident, glad you are okay