The Rent Car Was Hit By A Car

We rented a car and traveled to Maine. At first night, we finished our dinner and drove back to our hotel. Suddenly, a car hit us from left side. Because we were very worried about our car, so we went out of car, then that man also came out, and said to us:"I will take the responsibilities!" He wrote down all his information and his car insurance number and company to us. We did not think about to call the police because we think he has admitted his mistake. This week, we got the email from rental company about ask money and they said that man's company denied to pay us!! We called the company and asked them why they refused to pay, they said because their client told them we should yield him! But the fact was he had a stop sign, we did not have. We tried to tell them the truth, but they just deny to listen and said they would not.

I made a record by my cellphone when that man was writing his information, and he really said:"I am very sorry, I did not see your car" to us. We told his company about that video, they said we can keep that video to give our insurance company! Then I called my insurance company. They looks very angry about us disturbing them after the accident happened for such long time, and ask we to hand out some material including police report. We told them we did not call police at that time, so we do not have that material. Now they ask us to go to Maine again to find the police write a report for us. I lived New Jersey now, and I really do not have time to go to main recently.

I did not expect the things will go worse to us, and we need to pay $1070 to rental company now. Things have happened for four months, and I really feel frustrate and angry. No one really listen to us, they just want to deny their responsibilities. I don't know if I should continue to ask our insurance company to investigate? Maybe the result still make us disappointed....
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First off you ALWAYS ALWAYS CALL THE POLICE. Then call ur insurance. Company and his and report the accident
...especially if it was not your fault! People always try to get out of brand new Honda got hit four times in two years while it was parked..luckily i was always able to see who it was....anyways you best bet is call the maine police and tell them you want to make a police report and tell them what your insurance company and fax them the police should also tell them the guy lied and you have evidence of him apologizing on voice recording ....

you should be happy to only have a 1,000.00 loss. Is your life that in control, that 1,000 over a car accident has you so riled up that you went on the internet? I cant even count how many accidents i have been involved in or the dollar amount lost. I wont even go into my story, i doubt you will get much help on this forum, i was looking for support for my intractable pain, not a stupid minor fender bender. good god. wrong forum for me. (great, you learned from your mistake, right? right?) its life, move on...YOU werent hit by a car. your car was in a mva. i hope these stories get more about health and pain and not this insipidity.