Thanks to My Brother I Lived.

It was february 17th and i was walking accross the road with my brother after going to get breakfast from the bakery. We started to cross, i remeber my brother yelling "NOOO" and i felt this SMASH into my left thigh my brother pull me and i was on the ground i blacked out through the entire thing mostly.

My brother later told me what happened.

The car had struck my left thigh side on, this spun me so that i fell diagonally underneath the car, leaving my head just about to go under the rear tyre. My brother pulled my body away from the car and then the bull bar scraped my brothers leg. The car stopped and the man got out.

i was crying and people came out from shops to help. I had people holding my head steady, calming me down so i didnt go into hysterics. My brother rand upstairs to where my mum was working screaming at her. Amongst everyone calming me down i heard my mum come screaming and sprinting down the stairs! The first to arrive was the ' fire brigade' O.o the supported my head and did a basic medical check until the ambo's got there. They eventually came with the police. I decided not to press charged agaisnt the man as he was not from around this area, he was delivering goods to a shop and was looking at shop numbers. I went to hospital. I did not break a bone. I did how ever get a nasty scar on my knee and a massive egg on my head and a slight concussion but i was fine after about a week and a half of sleeping.

Want to know the interesting thing....I was on a pedestrian.

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of course you were, no one know how to f*cking drive

wow you are very lucky godbless