Getting Hit By a Drunk Driver..... (my Pov

 The night of the accident I was going to go see my sister perform. My parents offered to drive me there- but I was running late and decided to just meet them there (i was getting ready to go out later that night). The concert started at 730 and I had arrived around 7 to the subway closest to the church. I have no memory of even walking to the crosswalk where I was hit- I have retroactive amnesia.

I was crossing the street (it was rainy and dark), when the car hit me from the right side. When the car hit me, I flew 5 feet into the air and when I hit the pavement, my head took the full force of the fall. As well as my shoulder, elbow, tailbone and right hip . According to a witness (who turned out to be a friend of my sisters) I was concious and talking. I gave him the name of my parents and told him to find them in the church (that was literally on the other side of the street- I almost made it!

The guy who found me really helped me out- and I thank God he was there. He saw the ticket on the ground to the event and knew that I was going to the church. My parents were found,and the ambulance called. I have no memory of any of this happening- including most of my time in the emergency room.

I arrived at the hospital at 8 that night, and was later released at 4 am. I was in a neck brace and I was so freaked literally felt like the bones of my body were protruding my flesh. Because I landed on my head--- I had to do a CT scan, before treating anything because they wanted to make sure I didn't damage my brain. I just remember crying and praying that i wasn't deformed. When they stapled my head wounds, they injected my head with 12 needles and closed with with 11 staples.THe next few days were hell...and I still cant really lie on my head without discomfort. But I am on t3s and muscle relaxers. Unfortunately...for me...the worst is yet to come. I have 6 months of intensive physiotherapy. Its really hard for me, because I look alright, I think I can do all the things I used to be able to do with ease. I get tired easily and am sore in most parts of my body. Somethings.. are permanent. I only have 80% of movement and flexibility in my elbow and left shoulder and with physio, I hope that comes back. Slowly, my body is failing me as i come out of 'hyper shock' (the body's way of protecting itself from a major accident) and everyday i notice something new. My tailbone hurts every time I sit down, and my back hurts when I move.

I don't really want to show anyone my fears or pains (because it is not that bad- im just not used to being in any physical vulnerability), but it isn't helping ignoring it either. My family is so supportive, but i feel so useless. 

And I can't really show everyone else how scared i feel- because I don't want them to treat me any differently. I feel so alone and I don't know who to turn with. My biggest fear is telling my friends how I feel and them not being able to let It go. I just don't know where the balance lies. 


Ps: If anyone has any advice on head wounds... please help me out. After removing the staples...the wounds still hurt SO MUCH. They aren't infected (I went to the doctor) but it still stings and the skin is raised in all the areas where the staples were. 


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It is so important to talk to someone. Your parents, your therapist and your doctors. Friends are good to have but when it comes to your pain they may not be able to do more than listen - which, don't get me wrong helps, but you need people that can give your direction right now. <br />
There are so many different avenues to take and you just need to keep trying them until you find what works for you or combinations of many. Pain Clinics in particular work with you to help you find ways around the pain. You can do meditation, visualization, massage, accupressure, accupuncture. There are places to go, you just need someone to help you find them. <br />
<br />
Hugs to you. With time it will change, it will get better, just different than you were before, you need to find who you are now, not who you used to be. And you will find yourself, but it takes time.

You're very welcome. As Jazz said, we are glad you are here with us on EP. : )

thank you so much! This was a great way to handle the experience...

I'm sorry to hear you are in so much pain. i also was a pedestrian struck by a car. I broke the windshield with my head and was thrown to the middle of a busy street. While I miraculously walked away with minor injuries, I've developed some health problems that can be brought on by trauma. <br />
It's okay to be scared. You could have died! I had a hard time even crossing a street after it happened. <br />
I know you are already going through so much medically, but you should talk to a counselor. I pray that you recover from your injuries and you feel good again soon.

absolutely.. it is common for the sensations that you are feeling right now.. it will take time for it to heall 100% but give it time and it will get better.. as the healing migrates so will you pain migrate less and less.. stay positive in your healing concepts.. and it is natural to be fearful.. it was very traumatic.. Do not be afraid to discuss your feelings.. just don't let it consume you or it will inhibate your healing process. Also talk to your doctor and physiotherapist too.. they will help you understand your healing process physically as well as emotionally.. but please discuss it with you family too.. they can be of great help as well. Good luck with your recovery...

It is perfectly normal for the skin around your head wounds to be irritated. That is just a natural part of healing. It also wouldn't be uncommon for the area to itch... it's unfortunate, but it's true. :)

Ouch! Staples and needles! You are very lucky to be alive, seems like it was a terrible accident and an EXTREMELY terrifying night for you. I am glad that you are alive and here on EP. (((((many many gentle hugs))))). Take it easy and have a nice afternoon!