Hit And Run

in 2000 i was on my lunch break from work. i can remember playing about with a lorry driver(i was very cheeky back then).there was a cue of cars behind him and the other side seemed quite clear.i pressed the button to cross and the lorry driver told me i was clear.as i started to cross the road i just about got half way across,just past the lorry when a white van came speeding from behind not seeing me. it hit me at about 40 mph,catching my hip and spinning me round.i can remember my leg going under the back wheel but i couldn't feel anything.i was knocked out for about 3 mins. when i came round there were people running over to me shouting for some one to call a ambulance.my mom was with me (we worked together) all she kept saying was your gonna be fine just don't look down.of course if someone says don't look ....you look. my foot had twisted all the way round and my bone was clearly visible under my skin.the driver of the van told a witness that he would park around the corner.you guessed it ...he drove off. i could of been dead and he didn't even care. when i got to hospital the doctor examined my leg and said it was broken,dislocated and my ankle needed to be re-built.i had to be put under cos every time they tried to put my ankle back the bone would just crumble and it would pop out again.i had my ankle re-built and i had to learn to walk again.i was told that i would never be able to wear heels and i would have to walk with a cane......i spent nearly a year doing physio and trying to improve my memory loss that i suffered when i hit the ground....i now walk round minus the cane and i wear heels as high as i can balance on.

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This is kind of odd, but I think relevant. You are only flesh and blood and the vehicle that hit you is steel and rubber and plastic, but that vehicle is probably in a junkyard by now and you are still walking around enjoying life. Says something about your will and the dynamic strength people can have, don't you think?

no he got away. :(

ouch that sucks...i hope they caught the bastard