This Happend To Me 2 Days Ago!

I'm so shocked I found this group... this happend to me 2 days ago. Dec 30/09. I'm 17 years old. It was 12:30am... there wasnt many cars on the street. It was my right away to walk because that walking symbol came... so I was walking, I had my hood on, I was almost to the sidewalk when BAM some chinese man decides to go through a red light and hit me. He didnt run over me, but he went right into my leg and I went flying onto the street. I didnt pass out or anything, I remember everything... I was thinking a thought to myself and right in the middle of it I saw the sky, the street lights, then the ground. I was screaming, but not because of the pain, I felt no pain, but because I didnt know what was going on. When I fell onto the ground, I realized what happend, and yup, I was right, I got up and realized I was hit by the car. I walked to the sidewalk, still felt no pain... could have probably been because it was sooo cold outside that it numbed most feeling.

The injuries weren't very bad, thank god. My brain got a bit shaken but I had my hood on and fell on the side of my head, so it wasnt bad. My legs have are bruised badly though. The guy gave me 50$. I was in shock, didnt know what to do... I let him go because I didnt want my parents to find out or they'd never let me walk on the street without them holding my hand. So, I went to the nearest pizza pizza, checked myself out in the mirror, made sure I was okay, and walked the rest of the way home. I pulled it off to my mom like nothing happend. And that was that. I think I'm okay..., the bruises are healing nicely and quickly, I'm surprised. I'm just really scared I might have a head injury, but I dont think so. And I'm also scared to cross the street. :(! I never went to a doctor...

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man thats crazy, you really shouldn't have kept this accident a secret. But, I do understand why you didn't want to say anything. Its good to know your okay and that you had minor injuries...but if anything ever happens..don't be araid to let someone know. Life is precious and you know its never about holding back...