Well, More Like An Ambulance

Yes, somehow, when I was six, I got run over by an ambulance.   Completely run over.   Like, hit at front, and when they stopped, I was far enough behind to open the doors, and get out the stretcher.

Somehow they missed me with the wheels, and only hit me with the front / bumper. . . And i ended up fine, with just a mild concussion.

But, still, it's a good story.
malthius411 malthius411
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3 Responses Oct 6, 2006

Sorry But i had a giggle because it was an ambulance, but i guess you got the best response time World wide, Happy your okay You pretty lucky too You didn't get squashed if you did, you'd be all over the world wide news

How ironic. Glad you're ok.

you would think that an ambulance driver would be more careful! gheesh!